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On the Trail of the Saucer Spies - UFOs and Government Surveillance.

Traffic Surveillance UFO
This traffic surveillance footage, apparently filmed on July 7 1998, appears to contain a classic flying saucer. ET, cloud or Hoax? Youtube.

UFOs - a report on Australian encounters.

Longbeach PD Capture UFO On FLIR
On 25th December 2004, Longbeach Helicopter Police pursued a UFO and captured images on FLIR camera. Youtube.

Police Escort Wide-load Flying Saucers
Film has appeared from eastern Europe showing the transportation of two flying saucers, with the soundtrack of a US car chase, although it is more likely to be construction material. DailyMotion.com.

The Gosford Files - UFOs over the NSW Central Coast.

Fire Officer's Guide for Disaster Control with UFO Chapter
Why does an official disaster guide have a chapter on UFOs?

China Reveals Police UFO
A Chinese technology show reveals real police traffic surveillance flying saucer drone. news.sina.com.cn.

UK Showcases Police Spy Drone
UK Police make public its new aerial recon drone. Daily Express.



Welcome to PoliceUFO.com, the UFO information centre for Police Officers and UFO researchers. Although the focus is on Australian officers, all Police officers are welcome. PoliceUFO.com aims to collate information about UFOs from officer witnesses and investigators, their testimony comparable in weight to astronauts, pilots, and scientists. Currently many hundreds of police officers from around the world are on public record, yet countless more have yet to come forward. The disclosure of Police UFO information forms part of a growing global movement to disclose not only the reality of UFOs, but to pressure those-in-the-know to come clean with the vast amount of information that is believed to have been kept from the public.
- Richard A. Jones, Director PoliceUFO.com.

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2012 Dec 17 - UK - Officer Reports Supersonic UFO Sighting
An on-duty PC claims flashing blue light was moving at supersonic speed while driving off-duty near Birmingham airport. The PC reportedly spotted the UFO near Birmingham airport. The unnamed officer, an acting sergeant with West Midlands police, saw a ‘light with a bluish tinge’ that ‘pulsed rhythmically’ and zoomed off.
2012 Nov 7 - US - Officers Watch 7 Light Orbs For 2 Minutes
The National UFO Reporting Center recieved a report from a police officer detailing the movements of 7 UFOs over several minutes.
2012 Oct 23 - US - Police Spot Colourful UFO Lights Over Illinois
According to the Monroe County Independent, a Hecker resident spotted a unidentified flying object northeast of Hecker, IL on Tuesday just after 7pm. County police patrolled the area near Paderborn. Officers say the object remained stationary and twinkled with red, green, blue and orange light.
2012 Aug1-Oct 15 - India - UFO Sightings In Ladakh Spook Soldiers
Units of the Indian Army and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) have reported Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOS) in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. An ITBP unit based in Thakung, close to the Pangong Tso Lake, reported over 100 sightings of luminous objects between August 1 and October 15 this year.
2012 Jul 12 - US - LAPD Police Helicopter Surveys UFOs
Youths in Los Angeles filmed what appeared to be UFOs being surveyed by a police helicopter.
2012 Jun 25 - US - Police Witnesses On Video Watch UFOs Over Los Angeles
On Jun 25 2012, Robert Bingham 'summoned' and filmed a UFO over Los Angeles. Cameras were also taping witnesses when officers of the Los Angeles Police Department stopped to also observe the UFO.
2012 Mar 8 - US - Navajo Rangers Take UFO & Paranormal Reports Very Serious
CBS5 Paranormal Task Force - Arizona's Navajo Nation Rangers say that a lot of UFO and Paranormal reports they receive are real events and they take the reports seriously.
2012 Feb 7 - Australia - Police Urged To Follow Up UFOs - Australian Associated Press
On February 7, 2012, Australian Associated Press ran a story urging police disclosure of UFO reports. The story ran across much of Eastern Australia and marks a significant breakthrough in disclosure and changes to UFO culture in the media.
2012 Jan 24 - Mexico - Police Engage in UFO Chase
A UFO report was received from the airport area of Mexicali, and was seen by C-4 operators manning the safety cameras who appear to have recorded it. Hundreds of phone calls were received at the "066" number, reporting the flying object's presence. The UFO prompted an intense mobilization by elements of the Public Safety Forces of the City of Mexicali, arising from citizen reports about the presence of a strange object in the air.
2012 Jan 12 - US - Police Car Caught "Meteor" On Tape
Officers of the Little River Academy Police Department caught a mysterious flying object on vehicle camera on Jan 12 2012. Largely dismissed as a meteor, the object is clearly too slow to be a meteor, has no metoritic tail, and is not any suffering any evident atmospheric entry decay.
2012 Jan 10 - Mexico - Police and Civilians Witness Bright UFO Captured on Video
Footage of a UFO was captured on January 10 2012 in Mexico with a Handy cam DCR SR220. A police officer was witness along with 3 others. The sighting lasted more than 10 minutes.

Recent News & Updates

2011 Dec 31 [NSW] More UFO Events Over Gosford
Reminiscent of UFO events over Gosford on New Years of 1995, another UFO event has errupted over the Central Coastal town, this time with video footage, and one witness claiming a police helicopter pursuit.

2011 Dec 17 - US - Police Officers Witness Large Glowing Orange UFO Over Florida

2011 Dec 2 - US - Police Officer Spots UFO At Tree Tops

2011 Oct 18 - US - UFO Spotted Over Ocean Shores By Civilians And Police

2011 Aug 13 - US - Three Kentucky witnesses: Round UFO 'moved with the clouds'

2011 Apr 5 - US - Retired Police Officer Reports Extraterrestrial In Back Yard

2011 Apr 2 - Welsh Police Reveal 10-yr UFO Sightings Map
The Welsh Police have released details of UFO sightings in North and West Wales over the past decade. walesonline.co.uk

2011 Apr 1 - FBI Releases UFO Archives Online for 1947-1954
Following similar trends in France and the UK, the FBI has released its UFO archives online for the period of 1947-1954. The files reveal Police-UFO encounters, whitehouse panic over animal mutilations, reports of the Roswell incident and the destruction of 1000s of UFO reports.

2011 Mar 31 - NZ Defence Force Passes UFO Buck To Police.
The NZ Defence Force finished its declassifiction of UFO reports, and says it's no longer going to take any interest in sightings of UFOs, and people should call the police instead. 3news.co.nz

2011 Feb 2 - Reserve Deputy Terminated Over UFO Investigations
Reserve Deputy Charles Zikowski was terminated by El Paso County Sheriff's Office after publically disagreeing with his department's official finding on animal mutilations, citing "UFO investigations" as cause for dismissal.

2011 Jan 2 - US - Police Officer Witnesses UFO, Burn Marks Left on Ground

2010 Dec 10 - PoliceUFO.com Largest Police UFO Sightings Database In The World.
Excluding UK cases, PoliceUFO.com currently sports a total of 326 witness cases, making it the largest such database in the world. Thank you to the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) for recent additions, and to all those who've supported the PoliceUFO.com project these last few years.

2010 Sep 24 - US - Texas Police Officer Submits UFO Sighting Report

2010 Jun 5 - AUS - Brisbane Cop Photos UFO From East Coast Wave.
A police officer took two photos from a mobile phone at 5:48am EST after observing an object traveling North East across the sky above North Brisbane, during the massive East Coast UFO wave. The object was described as having a bright center with a spiral emanating from it, comparable to Norway sightings of December 2009.

2010 Jun 4 - Westall '66: a suburban UFO mystery.
World Premiere of "Westall '66 a suburban UFO mystery", arguably Australia's greatest mass UFO sighting, aired on the Sci Fi Channel, Foxtel, documenting the story and Shane Ryan's research into it. It happened in broad daylight, over two schools, with around 250 witnesses, with one or two landings of a flying saucer and a forceful response by the police and military.

2010 May 27 - US - Capitol Police Leak UFO/ET Reports.
An officer of the US Capitol Police has leaked reports of UFO and hyperdimensional flyovers over the US Capitol, using her email account as a Capitol Police officer on the staff of the US Senate Sergeant-at-Arms. The officer, who has requested anonymity, made available the leaked reports, written by a former US Capitol employee, in 2008 and 2009. Examiner.com

2010 May 20 - Heseltine Wins Award For Police UFO Database.
Detective Gary Heseltine wins the 2010 Disclosures Award for his database of UFO sightings from UK police officers. Youtube.com

2010 May 27 - AUS - NT Police Investigate Feared Alien Invasion.
Astronomers and police say that flare-like objects seen across a 360km-long stretch of the Top End coast were probably caused by a meteor shower, but highly-qualified UFOologists said they believed the bright lights were something more ominous. Superintendent Bruce Porter said police received many calls at about 9pm on Tuesday and feared a boat was in distress and launched a search. "We took this seriously...", they said.

2010 Mar 8 - AUS - Cover-up Alleged Over UFO-linked Animal Mutilations
Farmers in the Adelaide Hills have discovered mutilated animal corpses and burn marks on the ground. The latest claims follow rumors of dozens of sightings of UFOs in the rural areas of Mt Barker and Mt Sterling, about 20km south of Adelaide.

2010 Feb 22 - UK - Latest MOD Police UFO Archives Release Raises Questions.
The latest declassifation from the British Ministry of Defence continues to reveal the growing involvement of police with UFOs.

2010 Jan 19 - Turkey - UFO Seen and Photographed By Police Officer
Police officer Mr Serrafatin Solak in the town of Bursa Isnik in Turkey was inspecting an area surrounding Lake Isnik when he saw a disc shaped UFO silently flying above the water and he was able to get a photo of the UFO with his mobile phone.

2010 Jan 12 - EU - French Police Investigate Mass Sighting Near Bordeaux.
French police from the Isle of Oleron off the coast of France near Bordeaux were called upon to investigate a mass UFO sighting that happened on New Year's Eve. Enjoyfrance.com

2010 Jan 11 - US - North Dakota Cop Discloses 2003 Encounter.
Along with an original police report, Larry Gessner, former Sheridan County Sheriff, recounts "... I was told by The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, not to talk about this ... I waited until 2007 after I had resigned to start making this public."

2010 Jan 4/5 - US - Public & Police Report UFO Sightings

2009 Oct 21 - Indonesia - Investigator Reveals Officer's Alien Sighting.
Nur Agustinus tells of an alien encounter that allegedly occurred in July 1959 in Alor, East Nusa Tenggara when police officer Alwi Alnadad reported seeing six aliens dressed in blue clothes and black boots and carrying gray cylindrical rods. All had wavy white hair and some also wore beards. The Jakarta Globe

2009 Sep/Nov - US - New Information Surfaces Over Zamora Case.
Local college staff and students reveal the possibility of a hoax upon Zamora. InterAmerica, and further that some details from Zamora's testimony was twisted according to an oath to the FBI. Ray Stanford.

2009 Oct 21/30 - AU - PoliceUFO.com's Richard Jones Gives Radio Interview & Lecture.
PoliceUFO.com director Richard Jones featured as special guest on Brisbane's Radio 4BC The Paranormal Panel, 21 Oct 2009, to discuss PoliceUFO.com's inception, progress, and the place of police in the UFO phenomenon, and lectured at UFORQ's public meeting on the 30th.

2009 Jul 23 - US - Nebraska Cop Observes Platter-Size UFO
Responding to a callout, a Fairbury, Jefferson County, officer arrived to watch from his patrol car a platter-sized flying saucer hover for ten minutes.

2009 Jul 17 - UK - School Children Traumatised By Police UFO Stunt.
School children in Southway Junior were apparently traumatised by a hoax UFO crash and abduction supported by the local police. The day was intended to be educational and inspirational but backfired due to its realism. dailymail.co.uk.

2009 Jul 16 - UK - Cropcircle Vigilante Arrested For Shooting Away Visitors.
Dressed in camouflage, Kenneth Wilson was firing off his shotgun over cropcircle visitors on Tuesday before he was intercepted by a police helicopter and a special operations unit. DailyMail.co.uk

2009 Jul 7 - UK - Police Sergeant Sights Three Aliens.
A Wiltshire Police Sergeant was driving in his car towards Marlborough when he looked to his right and witnessed three exceptionally tall beings inspecting a new crop circle. He stopped his vehicle and watched them for several minutes. Each of them were well over six feet tall, had blond hair and were wearing one piece white suites with hoods. colinandrews.net/UnexplainedPhenomenaAlert

2009 Jul 30 - US - Thibodaux, Louisiana Police Respond to UFO Call.
A caller alerted officers to a UFO flashing a red laser above the Sonic Drive-In on North Canal Boulevard at around 10:39 p.m. Officer James Newton surveyed the area eight minutes later but there was no UFO to be seen. Police Chief Craig Melancon stated that calls concerning UFOs in Thibodaux are extremely rare. paranormaldailynews.com

2009 Jul 20 - Australia - 1998 Aug 18 - Brisbane Man Disappears Over Carribean.

2009 Jun 19 - Australia - Emergency Services Respond To UFO Crash Near Gin Gin.

2009 May 7 - Europe - Police Escort Wide-Load Flying Saucers
Film has appeared showing the transportation of two flying saucers, with the soundtrack of a US car chase, although it is more likely to be construction material. Police Escort 2 UFOs.

2009 May 4 - Australia - 1973 Jan - VIC - Officers Witness to Valentich UFOs.

2009 May 4 - Australia - 1972 - NSW - Officers Tailed in Blue Mountains.

2009 May 4 - Australia - 1957 - NSW - Katoomba Cops Amoung Tourist Witnesses.

2009 Apr 28 - Slovakia - Massive UFO Formation Filmed by Police.
Slovak TV Markiza reported that police reacted to many phone calls alerting them to 19 mysterious objects. Police stated, "We watched these objects at an angle of 45 degrees." "I took a camera and shot it. It was appearing as big flaming balls."

2009 Apr 13 - Aus - Basterfield Retires from UFOlogy.
Critical Australian UFO researcher Keith Basterfield declared his resignation from UFO research after 40 years. In a story that deserves far more attention, Keith donated his UFO library, destroyed his UFO files, and closed down his UFO blog and email. Keith is the author of UFOs - a report on Australian encounters, and he investigated numerous police cases.

2009 Mar 24 - UK - Sgt. Tony Dodd Passes Away.
Police Sergeant Anthony Dodd passed away midnight March 24 2009 after a fight with illness. Tony made a huge contribution to the UFO field with his investigations, articles and talks all over the world, as well as his book. Tony was well respected for his patience and willingness to talk at length to anybody on UFO topics. He persevered to the end to find and report the truth of the reality of the extraterrestrial presence, even at the expense of his police career.

2009 Mar 6 - South Africa - Officers Film Formation of 23 Lights.
Police inspectors Chris Gatzonis and Awie Labuschagne of the Middelburg police station filmed unusual lights. "We were on active duty and driving across the bridge at Aerorand in Middelburg. First we saw five orange lights, moving in formation going in the direction towards Witbank. Later only two were left. Then the clouds moved in front of them and we lost sight of them"

2002 Mar 2 - US - NYPD Officer Submits Photos Of UFO From Squad Car.
NYPD Officer Steve was working on a church crossing when he saw a strange object hovering in the air. Steve moved his car three times and filmed for about three minutes.

2009 Feb 24 - Australia - 1969 July - QLD - Two Cairns Officers Observe Manoeuvring Silver Spheres.

2009 Mar 10 - UK - Chinese Lanterns Bring Out Five Police Officers.
After a callout on a reported UFO, a total of five officers fitted into the witnesses bedroom to observe the phenomenon, pulling out maps and chatting on the radio to each other trying to work out what it was and where it came down. Chalfont This is Local London, 10th March 2009

2009 Feb 24 - Australia - 1997 Oct 13 - VIC - Victorian Officers Photograph Black Triangle.

2009 Feb 24 - Australia - 2008 April - QLD Gold Coast Officer Observes Triangular UFO.

2009 Feb 23 - PoliceUFO.com Director Leaves Police.
PoliceUFO.com Director Richard Jones finishes his civilian work with the Queensland Police after three years to pursue IT work. Although no longer employed under police, Richard retains close contact with the force.

2009 Feb 4 - Australia - 1994 - NSW - 2 Officers Watch UFO Hovering Over Paddock.

2009 Feb 4 - Australia - 1960s - NSW - Hunter Valley Encounters.

2009 Jan 24 - Book Shop Opens For Business.
PoliceUFO.com now features a inital selection of over 20 books in its bookshop, referenced and recommended in the enquiry of police UFO encounters.

Past News >>


The Westall Incident
Arguably Australia's greatest mass UFO sighting, it happened in broad daylight over two schools with around 250 witnesses and a forceful response by the police and military.
UFO Wave Over Gosford
During the 1995-96 UFO wave of Gosford, Sergeant Bob Wenning was station hand when his officers were being dispatched to chase a UFO back and forth across Empire bay on Australia's east coast.
UFO Hunters - UFO Emergency
In 1994 police were forced to react to reports of massive lights moving over Michigan and Ohio.
UFO Hunters - COPS Vs UFOs
Are police from all over the world seeing things they are not allowed to report? Are police officers routinely enountering things not of this world, and are their reports being suppressed?
The Police Reporting UFO Sightings (PRUFOS) Database
Maintained by Detective Constable Garry Heseltine of the British Police, the 2007 database alone has a total of 256 UFO cases with 608 officers!
Patrol Car Pursues UFO
In Skipton, North Yorkshire, in May 2003, an anonomous officer witnessed and pursued a UFO, with the entire event captured on his dashboard camera.
UK Police Chopper In Near Collision With UFO
On the 20th of June 2008, a helicopter of police officers landing at a Welsh Airforce Base were involved in a near hit with a departing UFO.
The Classic Case of Lonnie Zamora
In April 1964, Police Sergeant Lonnie Zamora happened upon three small childlike figures moving about an egg-shaped craft on three legs in a gully, before the craft took off.
UFO Filmed On Car Camera
A patrol officer in the locality of Vera Cruz, Mexico, managed to capture and film a nearby UFO using his patrol car camera while on duty.
The Illinois Triangle
In the early hours of January 5 2000, police officers from three seperate jurisdictions were able to closely track and observe a massive unknown object.
Belgian Police Track Massive UFO
During the Belgian UFO wave of 1989-1990, officers of the Belgian Police Force were amoung the first witnesses when the sightings began near Eupen.
Officers See Hudson Valley UFO
Police officers were amoung over five-thousand UFO witnesses during the six-year Hudson Valley UFO wave from 1983-89.
Sergeant Herbert Schirmer
Schirmer wrote in his log “Saw a flying saucer at the junction of highways 6 and 63. Believe it or not!” He experienced missing time but was he abducted by aliens?
PCs Rodger Willie & Clifford Waycott
Soon after their October 1967 UFO recorded report was made, the two officers were visited by representatives of the Ministry of Defense and silenced under the Official Secrets Act.


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