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UFOs and the National Security State - Chronology of a Cover-up 1941-1973

Australian Police UFO Witnesses 1950-1969

1969 July [QLD] Officers Observe Manoeuvring Silver Spheres
Cairns/Edmonton/Gordonvale 0130hrs Wits:2 Sgt Les Childs, Sgt Stan Gees CE1

Les was a Police Sergeant on patrol around 1.30am with Sergeant Stan Gees, heading to Edmonton & Gordonvale. The sky was clear with high visability and during a driving break along a quiet road running west to Cairns, officer Gees called out to the attention of Les "a big silver streak coming through the sky".

A couple of seconds later the streak stopped and there appeared to be "big silver balls up in the air", the size of a soccer or basketball at 20ft distance. A couple of minutes later a small round object exited and moved left, descending before stopping, followed by a second in the middle which stopped, then a third one to the right. Then they returned to their original position before moving across to the right before stopping. Then they went up through the center, up over to the left hand side, before returning to the center. After a few minutes one went inside the main object, then the second and third. A couple of minutes later another streak in the sky marked their departure.

Les related subsequent leads also seeing the object, one near Atherton, two people fishing locally, a milkman, and talk at the local RSL a few days later.


1968 Dec [SA] Police Take Polaroid
Millicent 2140hrs 10mins Wits:3 1M:Sergeant Officers G. R. Baker R Goldman Photo

A light was seen at 35 deg NW from Millicent and 45 deg from Grey. It was stationary and white but its intensity varied. The police took a 10sec time exposure using a Polaroid instant camera.

(The South Eastern Times newspaper, 2 Dec 1968)
(*South Australian UFO Reports Listing, Keith Basterfield, 12 Nov 2004)

1967 Jan 14 [NSW] Sgt. Watches Flying Square Box
Armidale 1210hrs 2mins Wits:1M Hodes DO

A phone call was received by Police Sgt. Hodes, made by a resident who reported a possible aircraft in distress. Noise was heard. Hodes investigated and sighted a noiseless white object that was “square like large box kite”, moving E to W and revolving rapidly.

(RAAF: Digital :580/1/1 part 7, Pages 318-320)
(*UFOlogist Vol. 11 #2, 2007, pg 32; Vol 8 #1, pg 38, Revelations, Keith Basterfield, AURA)

1966 Jan [NSW] Grafton Among Witnesses


In January 1966, Grafton became the focus of widely reported UFO activity, when many people including local police, reported sightings.

(Website: The Oz Files, Bill Chalker)
(Books: The Oz Files, Bill Chalker)

1964 Feb [SA] Zig-zaging Globule
Para Hills/Adelaide Wits:2M Payne/McMillan NL


Police constables Payne and McMillan reported seeing a “bright globular object,” that “zig-zagged rapidly, slowed down and then accelerated at fantastic speed. …came from the west then swiftly turned towards the north and vanished.”

(UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere, Hervey M., 1969, Horwitz, Sydney, p 143)
(*South Australian UFO Reports Listing, Keith Basterfield, 12 Nov 2004)
[*Police files are exempt from disclosure under section 18(1) of the FOI act, Basterfield FIO Request 18 Aug 2003 to SA Police, response Sep 2003]

1960 Jul 15 [SA] Maralinga UFO Mayhem
Maralinga 1900hrs-2000hrs Wits:2 Maxwell/Scarborough NL

Const R H Maxwell saw a light coming from about 2.25 miles away. Three people saw a light over a building in the village coming from Wewak for about 2-15 seconds. 500 miles NW of Woomera there was a report of a bright light travelling SW to East that changed colour from white to red and two loud ‘bangs’ two minutes later. Const H D Scarborough saw for about 30 seconds, a light of “… approximately the power of bright moonlight, playing on the ground,” moving from East to West. It grew larger in size and turned red.

A person at Giles Weather Station observed a light reddish glow which faded and then came on again, bearing 100 degrees true at 15 degrees elevation, also seen from Ernabella, Kenmore Park and Kulgera. Oliver Harry Turner, Ex Health Physics Officer of the Joint Intelligence Bureau, investigated and “is of the opinion that the light was not the result of natural phenomenon but caused by an unidentified flying object, either a cone from a satellite or a ‘flying saucer’.”

(File A6456, control symbol R029/284, entitled ”Weapons Research Establishment (WRE) Salisbury - Department of Supply – Maralinga Project – General - Policy and Administration.”, National Australian Archives, located in Canberra)
(*UFOlogist, Vol. 9 #6, 2005, pg 9, Revelations, Keith Basterfield and Dominic McMamara, AURA)

1960s [NSW] Hunter Valley Encounters
Charlestown Wits:2 Officers

"Back in the 1960s I was only young and I was woken one night by a bright light lighting up my bedroom. I thought next door had turned their back light on so didn't investigate. When we arose the following morning the radio and TV was abuzz with a UFO report from 2 Police Officers from the Charlestown Police Station, about 4-5klms from my home. The two Officers said that the object had shone a bright light towards the ground as it passed over my house! The Charlestown Police Station have the News clippings and photos of these two officers, and have had police displays at Charlestown Square Shopping Centre where they had the clippings on display." The informant also describes numerous UFO sightings around the Williamstown RAAF Base throughout the decades.

(The Vike Report Blog, Radio Show, and Radio Show Blog)

1959 Nov 20 [SA] Officers Watch Skimming UFO
Blackwood/Adelaide 0415hrs Wits:2M Collins/Snowden NL


Two Police officers a saw “cluster of stars” low down near the W horizon. “The cluster reflected moonlight and appeared to skim above sea level in a northerly direction. Then it disappeared.” Then they saw a “bright, long, flat shape with a bubble design on top travelling across the face of the moon,” well defined and about 1/8th moon diameter in size, taking about thirty seconds to complete its course before disappearing again.

(UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere, Hervey M., 1969, Horwitz, Sydney, pg 139)
(*South Australian UFO Reports Listing, Keith Basterfield, 12 Nov 2004)
[*Police files are exempt from disclosure under section 18(1) of the FOI act, Basterfield FIO Request 18 Aug 2003 to SA Police, response Sep 2003]

1959 Jul 7/17 [NSW] Cnst Observes Red Light
Burren Junction 2120hrs Wits:1M Taylor NL


On the 7th, Constable Taylor saw a bright red light which was on an object in the sky, reddish on top, a red light shining from the bottom, hovering over the trees, close, then it went to the WNW and out of sight. The Constable states that a man in the same area reported a “big grey cattle float” on the side of the road, and two workers “a large grey ‘thing’ with a dome on top”. The Constable states that he saw the object again in the West on the 17th July.

(RAAF: 5/2/1 Air (56a) Penrith; Digital: 580/1/1 part 2, pages 171-173)
(*UFOlogist Vol. 11 #2, 2007, pg 30, Revelations, Keith Basterfield, AURA)
(*UFOlogist Vol. 8 #1, 2004, pg 36, Revelations, Keith Basterfield, AURA)
(Website: The Oz Files, Bill Chalker)
(Book: The Oz Files, pg 100, Bill Chalker)
(*UFOs: a report on Australian encounters, Keith Basterfield, pg 146)

1957 [NSW] Katoomba Cops Amoung Tourist Witnesses
Echo Point, Katoomba, Night

Large numbers of tourists were gathering to see the Three Sisters lit by floodlights and witnessed a saucer-shaped object. It reappeared on two successive nights and on the third night was replaced by a cigar-shaped object which floated over the Jamieson Valley to the south of Echo Point Lookout. Police officers were among the many eyewitnesses.

(Rex Gilroy, mysteriousaustralia.com/strangephenomenono.html )

1954 Oct 16 [SA] Trio Observe White Light
Port Pirie 2120hrs 15mins Wits:2M+1F Sykes/Egel/McHughs NL

Two policemen and a woman saw a white light at 10-15 degrees W that eventually faded from sight.

(RAAF: 5/3/Air (8a) Mallala; Digital: 114/1/197 pages 93-100)
(*South Australian UFO Reports Listing, Keith Basterfield, 12 Nov 2004)