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US Police UFO Witnesses 1990-99

1997 May 13 - The Phoenix Lights

The Phoenix Lights (sometimes referred to as the "lights over Phoenix") were a series of widely-sighted optical phenomena (generally unidentified flying objects) that occurred in the skies over the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada, and the Mexican state of Sonora on March 13, 1997. A retired police officer was amoung the first to report the sighting.

(Need to Know, Timothy good, pgs 387-390)
(The Phoenix Lights, Dr. Lynne Kitei)

1994 Dec 14 - Trumbull County Ohio UFO
Trumbull County Ohio

Sergeant Toby Maloro
Just after midnight, numerous calls were received by 911 operators regarding low-flying UFOs. The majority of these calls were heard by dispatcher Roy Anne Rudolph. Rudolph notifed police in Liberty Township. The first police unit contacted disregarded the reports but Sergeant Toby Maloro investigated.

As Maloro proceeded down Samson Drive to check out the lights, suddenly his cruiser went dead. As he attempted to restart his vehicle, it was engulfed by a bright light from above. He exited his vehicle, and stood outside looking up at a giant object, circular in shape, and intensely bright in the center section. After about thirty seconds, the silent object moved away. After the object had moved out of sight, the police cruiser restarted itself and it's equipment returned to normal. He attempted to pursuit the UFO but was unable to keep pace with it. He called dispatch, informing them what he had seen, and gave the object's direction of flight.

This information was related to all active law enforcement units in the area, and reports of the object's direction were used to triangulate the object, and enable units to move to its location. At least 14-15 officers had seen the UFO. Their reports of the object and its movements could be heard on police radio. The local FAA control tower stated that they had nothing unusual on their scope, which covered a 60 mile diameter around Youngstown. Lieutenant James Baker, of the Brookfield Township Police Department, decided to have a look for himself and he climbed up a radar tower in the area . He saw three UFOs in a triangle pattern, with the middle object slightly higher than the two on the side. The object changed colors in unison - red, yellow, blue, and green. He reported his observations to other patrolmen on duty.

(Rense.com (Jon Kelly))
(Youtube, "UFO Hunters Case 66104, UFO Emergency")

1994 Nov 23 - Security Guard/Policeman Videos UFO Over Uranium Plant
5:48am, Fernald Uranium Processing plant, near Ross, Ohio

Two weeks prior to Nov 23, during a spate of UFO sightings around the Cincinnati area, a Clermont County resident recorded a home-video of a triangular headlight configuration which performed an odd maneuver during a rain shower. Before that, a UFO was reported to the Forest Park Police Department by motorists near the Forest Fair Mall. On July 27, 1997, UFO investigator Kenny Young made contact with a security guard/police officer who had taken video footage of a UFO over Fernald Uranium Processing plant where he was working at the time.

“I was just out on perimeter patrol enroute to stationary post, and there was this light in the sky that followed me,” stated the officer. “It looked like this thing had landing lights. When I turned, it turned, and just set there. It hovered east of my location, over the Hamilton parking lot. ... It first appeared to be about the same elevation as routine air traffic, it was going due south, and then when I turned west, this thing turned around and followed me, so then I thought this was a helicopter. I rolled the window down and didn’t hear any sound, so then I called the Control Center. Someone from the Control Center evidently swung their cameras around and was able to pick this up from a remote location. When 'The County' showed up, there were still photos of this thing that was given to them. ... The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department was summoned to the scene by someone from the Control Center, and they talked to me in the Administration Building and also took a report.”

The unidentified aircraft, described by the guard as a silent light which moved from north to south before suddenly hovering like a helicopter, performed a banking maneuver that could not be duplicated by conventional aircraft. According to the security guard, the object departed Fernald by lifting to a high elevation and hovering stationary in the sky, appearing as a star until well after daylight.


1994 Aug 31 - Officer Sees Huge Blimp-shaped UFO
7:50pm, Lagrange County, IN
... ...
At 7:50pm, A Shipshewana police officer saw object in the shape of a blimp. There are no more details but the report supports events that were also being reported in N. Indiana.

(News Clipping Service)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1994fullrep.htm)

1994 Apr 12 - Witnesses See Large Dark Object Move Above Treeline
9:30pm, Granville, TN
... ...
At 9:30pm, in a wooded and mountainous setting on a clear night, two witnesses went outdoors and saw a strange sight. A woman, 52, owner of a business and MUFON field investigator, and her husband, 55, a retired police officer, saw a dark-surfaced rectangular object estimated to be larger than a house, moving very slowly above the tree tops with a rumbling, engine-like sound. A bright, unwavering white light was located at each of two corners while trees hid the other two corners. When the object disappeared from sight, there was a "sudden flash of white light" and the rumbling sound ceased. The elevation of the object was estimated to be 60 degrees and the flight path was straight line. Duration of sighting was 5 minutes. A variety of mostly farm animals were unusually calm during the time that a rectangular, rumbling object moved by at an estimated altitude of 100 feet and about 500 feet away from the witnesses. The animals' calmness persisted afterward. Animals involved were 5 goats, 4 dogs, 9 geese, 40 chickens, at least 1 cow and a horse.

(Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1994fullrep.htm)

1994 Mar 8 - Holland Michigan
Holland Michigan
On the evening of March 8, 1994, residents of Southwest Michigan began seeing blue, white, red, and green lights, sometimes attached to cylindrical objects, and sometimes performing unusual maneuvers, over Lake Michigan to the south of Holland. 911 operators began receiving calls at around 9:30pm, from counties all up and down Lake Michigan. Some sources said 300 witnesses, including several police officers, saw the lights.

Ottawa County 911 operators called the National Weather Service radar operator at Muskegon. These conversations made their way into the media with the radar operator describing multiple moving objects on the radar screen. The Michigan flap continued for several days ending on around the 10th.

(Holland Sentinel)
(Youtube, "UFO Hunters Case 66104, UFO Emergency")
("The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters", edited by Ronald D. Story)

1993 Jul 13 - The Stoner Sighting
Ligonier, IN
... ...
At 9:40pm, Ligonier police officers allegedly saw a quiet, low-flying object with red lights on it near West Noble High School, according to press accounts. The officers reported what they saw to the media, but refused to file a report with MUFON, possibly due to pressure from their department. However, their simultaneous report to the media lends credence to the primary report. They also thought it was an aircraft in trouble at first, but then realized it was too quiet to be an airplane or a helicopter. "We saw this great big object, maybe like a 747 (jet)", one of them said. "We followed it for a while, (then) we stopped the car. There was no sound or anything." The other officer said all he could see were two red flashing lights just above the tree line. "I'm not convinced it was an extraterrestrial aircraft", he said. "A dark as it was, I can't say what it was."

(MUFON Indiana, press)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1993fullrep.htm)

1993 Apr 8 - Police See Huge Silver Disk Fly Away
10:40am, Sloan, NV
... ...
10:40am, a cloud of dust was seen in the desert near Interstate 15 in Sloan, Nevada by police. Then a huge silver disc rose from the ground and flew off.

(Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 16021)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1993fullrep.htm)

1993 Apr 8 - UFO Incident at The Lebanon Correctional Institution
2:20am, Lebanon, Illinois
2:20am, prison guards and police sighted a nocturnal flying object with small lights around it. There were four calls to the Ohio Highway Patrol of UFO sightings at around 2:30 a.m. as well.

(UFO Newsclipping Service, July 1993)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1993fullrep.htm)

1993 Feb 27 - Chopper Unit In UFO Dogfight
Jefferson County, Kentucky

Officer Kenny Downs

Pilot Kenny Graham
(Photo credit Louisville Courier-Journal)
11-year veteran pilot Kenny Graham, 39, and the spotter, 5-year veteran 39yr-old Kenny Downs, were circling above General Electric Appliance Park at around 11:50pm, when Graham saw something that looked like a small fire off to his left. Downs shined his 1.3-million-candlepower spotlight on the object, which began to drift back and forth like a balloon as the light washed over it. Then it gradually floated up to the helicopter's elevation about 500 feet above the ground, where it hovered for a few seconds. "Then it took off at a speed I've never seen before," said Graham, an experienced pilot. The object made two huge counter-clockwise loops and finally approached the helicopter's rear.

Graham was afraid the object would ram his tail rotor, so he accelerated above 100 mph. The UFO shot past them and instantly climbed hundreds of feet in the air. It descended again and flew close to the helicopter. Graham tried to close the gap with the object, and it again flew away. As the UFO approached on a parallel course, three fireballs burst out of its core. Scared, he banked away from the object. "When we came back around, it was gone," Graham said.

The two got confirmation from two officers on the ground, and all three had seen the UFO shoot three baseball-size fireballs out of its middle. The fireballs fizzled into nothing. Officer Mike Smith, in his squad car below, said he saw the object for only about a minute. But he confirmed the UFO shot three fireballs into the air and then disappeared. Officer Joe Smolenski said he tried for more than a minute to catch up to the object in his squad car.

Lt. David Pope, who was roused out of bed at 12:30 Saturday morning by a call from the startled officers, attested to their sanity and sincerity. "These guys are totally solid guys," Pope said. "There's no doubt in my mind there was something out there."

(UFO Newsclipping Service, March 1993)
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(See also Youtube) [Removed]

1992 Dec 24 - Police Amoung Witnesses To Silent Boomerang UFO
6:00pm, Southwest of Monroe, LA
... ...
At 6:00pm, twenty civilian witnesses and police southwest of Monroe, Louisiana watched a silent, boomerang shaped UFO with bright beams of light pass over cars in a forested area and bounce up and down for six minutes. The object was videotaped by a 39-year-old witnesses.

(W. L. Garner, Jr., MUFON UFO Journal, November 1993)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1992fullrep.htm)

1991 Mar 1 - Officers Film UFO on FLIR
Daytona Beach, Florida

Mark Patterson, and Jim Delarosa were on routine patrol over Daytona Beach, Florida, when their infrared camera filmed a mysterious object wich they could not see with their eyes. Local RADAR reported that they detected no other aircraft in the area, and there were no witnesses to the object.

("UFO Hunters Case 91104, COPS vs UFOs")

1991 Feb 4 - Police Officer Observes Huge Cylinder Craft Hovering And Smaller Disc UFO Landing
Northport, Florida

At about 12 noon, while traveling north on route 41 in Northport, a police offcer saw a huge cylinder UFO hovering above an intersection of Jacobean Road and a multi-lane highway. The officer reports: "I stopped at a light at the intersection behind a car carrying 3 women. There was also a Northport cop working an accident at that intersection. As I (and by the way I was also a Lee County Sheriff Department in a patrol car) was about to turn right into the highway, the woman in front of me swerved and went off the road. ... They were all looking up and seemed to be panicking. I then looked up also and saw a huge UFO. Other cars across the road pulled over and watched too. While under the thing, I noticed a smaller disc at about 100 feet high moving across the road.

"It stopped and hovered, then did a falling leaf kind of thing then disappeared momentarily then reappeared at a lower altitude and then landed in the woods off the highway. I continued to Fort Myers for my meeting. ... When returning off RT75 I went to that area where I thought it landed and found nothing. The next day I returned to the area and searched for landing gear impressions and found none. ... I might add that the UFO looked at first like a blimp, but when I got under it I saw that it was metallic in nature and very big.


1990 May 30 - Officer Confirms Saucer UFO
10:15pm, Calumet City, IN.
... ...
At 10:15pm, a 39-year-old mother and her two sons, age 10 and 12, were relaxing in their home when they sighted an unusual object hovering over a house across the street. "Mrs. B" had looked out of the doorway and saw the object, described as a 30', domed, gray disc, in detail, less than 100' away, around 50' off the ground for seven minutes. The object had what appeared to be bright white windows around the circumference, windows wider at the bottom than at the top. A dark line seemed to rotate inside bank of windows. Light on bottom described as a foggy or fuzzy white glow on flat bottom of object. The object then drifted slowly away to the southwest, then left rapidly, going through color changes (green, red, yellow) and was lost to sight. There was no sound reported. Dog appeared to be affected, had unusual smirk on face and cried afterward. Dog fine next day. A Burnham Police Officer had also seen the UFO and had been called out to the woman's house that night. The younger boy reported that he had a UFO-related dream that night.

(FI Bruno Molon, Regional Encounters; The FC Files, Francis Ridge)
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