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US Police UFO Witnesses to 1949

1949 Aug 19 - Police Help Film UFOs
Norwood, Ohio
... ...
Rev. Gregory Miller, Norwood, Ohio, in the presence of other witnesses, with help of Norwood police officer, obtained 16 mm black and white movies of a large disc hovering in a searchlight beam. The disc emitted "two distinct groups of triangular-shaped objects." (CRIFO Newsletter, Vol. I, No. 5, August 6, 1954). One of a series of well-witnessed sightings logged by Army searchlight operator, Sgt. Donald R. Berger. Three 25 foot rolls of movie film were exposed, using a Hugo Meyer F-19-3 camera with telephoto lens; also several still photographs with a Speed-Graphic and 14 inch Wallensach telephoto lens, the best of which were submitted to Time-Life and reportedly never returned. One photograph reproduced in "Inside Saucer Post. . .3-0 Blue," by L. H. Stringfield, Cincinnati, 1957

(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1949fullrep.htm)
(Leonard Stringfield, "Inside Saucer Post. . .3-0 Blue.")

1949 April 4 - Police Witness UFO Explode Over Mountain
nr Logan, north of Salt Lake City, Utah.
... ...
On April 4, 1949, special agents sent a cable marked ‘urgent’ to the bureau director, Edgar Hoover. A policeman, a highway patrol and an army guard, who were all miles apart, each saw a UFO which they said exploded over mountains near Logan, north of Salt Lake City, Utah. Under the title ‘Flying Discs’, the document said they each "saw a silver coloured object high up approaching the mountains at Sardine Canyon" that "appeared to explode in a rash of fire." It added, "Several residents [reported] seeing what appeared to be two aerial explosions, followed by falling object." Documents also show that an earlier UFO sighting had been investigated in Logan in September 1947.


1949 Mar 27 - Police Amoung Many Witnesses To Strange UFO
Tucumcari, Montoya, New Mexico
... ...
At 6-6:30pm, various witnesses, including police officer, postmaster (Montoya, N.M.), newspaper editor (Tucumcari Daily News), saw a contrail-like yellow­amber-orange object, length/width ratio 5:1, 1/6 moon's diameter, slowly moving from S (205° azimuth) to W (254° azimuth) at about 45°-60° elevation (75° at Montoya moving 180° to 260° azimuth), wiggling slightly, at first in a vertical orientation [?], dived steeply-leveled-climbed 2-3 times, reversed course once at top of a climb, a bright glitter of white light at a leveling off. No sound or trail. 15-30 mins

(Project Blue Book)
(AFOSI cases 42-45)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1949fullrep.htm)

1948 Jun 29 - Police Respond To Oval Luminous Objects In Sky
W Uniontown, Penna.
... ...
At 11pm, Mrs. Catherine MacDonald and Mrs. Margaret Hollar saw an oval luminous object "rolling" vertically on its edge in level (or climbing) flight at about 5,000 ft, below the clouds, with a short trail (about 1/2 length of object), in the SW moving SW to NE (to the S of witnesses?). 2 similar objects seen at 5-min intervals, the 2nd seeming transparent as lightning could be seen flashing behind it. Police were then called so 2nd/3rd objects were seen by police Sgt. Charles Schulz [Schuh?] and Mrs. MacDonald's daughter Catherine. Another neighbor woman and her daughter were brought out, when a 3rd object was seen, height estimated 6,000-9,000 ft (climbing?), same SW to NE path. 5-10 secs + ? + 6-7 secs

(Project Blue Book)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1948fullrep.htm)

1947 Aug 19 - Residents and Police Observe Strange Formation
Twin Falls, Idaho

In Twin Falls, residents and police saw a group of twelve strange objects "flying in formation over the city ... at terrific speed." The airforce explained this as birds.

(UFOs and the National Security State, Richard Dolan, pg 35)

1947 Aug 6 - FBI Files Reveal Officer Witness in Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


FBI case file entitled "UFO Report Part 4 Of 16", dated September 18, 1947, documents a UFO sighting in Philadelphia. The file describes a UFO sighting by several people including a former B-24 pilot and a Philadelphia police officer, along with their wives, in the Oxford Circle area. The FBI could not explain the sighting and said the witnesses were "reliable" and not the type of people to start rumours. According to the report, the police officer, who is a retired police officer of the Philadelphia Police Department , advised as follows:

Around 10:45 p.m. on August 6, 1947, he and his wife were sitting on the steps of their home, when [] noticed an object, resembling to him a giant firecracker, pass quickly though the air. [] heard no noise, but the object had completely passed from view in a southern direction within a split second. It left a fiery trail for about 100 feet. August 6, 1937, was a clear night, and no storm was brewing. [] was sure the object he saw was no falling star, and he noted the above object did not seem to be falling but maintained the same altitude.

( FBI Archives, vault.fbi.gov)

1947 Jul 4 - UFOs Watched In Afternoon
Portland and Milwaukee, Oregon, and Vancouver, Wash. (BBU)

In Portland many people including police saw a large number of UFOs in the middle of the afternoon, in formation and alone.

1:05 p.m. Radio newsman Frank Cooley of station KOIN, INS wire service employees in the Portland Oregon Journal Building, Clark County Sheriff's Deputy Fred Krives, Deputy Clarence McKay, Sgt. John Sullivan, Portland Police Officer Kenneth A. McDowell, Harbor Patrol Capt. K. A. Prahn, Harbor Patrolmen A. T. Austad and K. C. Hoff, Portland Police Officers Earl J. Patterson [Paterson?], Walter A. Lissy and Robert Ellis, Oregon Highway Patrol Sgt. Claude Cross, and many others over a wide area saw 5 large discs moving at high speed to the E, 2 flying S and 3 to the E, with oscillating or wobbling motion, sudden 90° turns or zigzagging, radio reports alerted other officers who saw the objects, aluminum or chromium color, disc or hubcap or pie-pan or half-moon shape flashing in the sun, no vapor trail, no noise (except possible humming), some at 10,000-­40,000 ft others at about 1,000 ft. McDowell noticed pigeons reacted. Sullivan, McKay and Krives noted low humming sound and reported 20-30 objects. Cooley reported 12 discs at about 20,000 ft. [Further sightings at 2, 4:30, 5 p.m.] Patterson, Lissy and Ellis were pilots. 30-90 secs.

(UFOs and the National Security State, Richard Dolan, pg 19)
(Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 100­2; McDonald 1968; FOIA; Bloecher 1967)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1947fullrep.htm)

Approx. 1943 - Sighting of UFO Formation
Washington, D.C.
... ...
Sighting of UFO formation by Metropolitan policeman.

(NICAP, UFO Evidence, 1964, Hall, VII, nicap.org/waves/1939-1946.htm)

1897 May 6 - Two Police Talk With UFO Occupants
Hot Springs, Arkansas
... ...
Two policemen, Sumpter and McLenore, were riding northwest of Hot Springs when they saw a bright light in the sky. About 7 km farther they saw the light again coming down to the ground. One km farther the horses refused to walk. Two men were seen carrying lights. The lawmen took their rifles, called the strangers, and were told that they crossed the country with a flying craft. The silhouette of the machine, about 20 m long, could be seen in the clearing. There was a woman with an umbrella nearby. It was raining, and the younger of the men was filling a large container with water. The elder man had a beard and suggested that the policemen fly with them "to a place where it does not rain." The same witness went back through the same spot 40 min later and found nothing.

(Magonia #31, FSR 66, 4)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/prior-47-19th.htm)