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US Police UFO Witnesses 1980-89

1989 Nov 30 - The Manhattan/Brooklyn Bridge Linda Cortile/Napolitano Abduction
Manhattan, New York
Linda Napolitano, aliased as Cortile, claimed to UFO researcher/Psychiatrist Bud Hopkins, that on November 30, 1989, she was abducted by grey aliens who floated her from a closed bedroom window into a hovering UFO which was above her Manhattan apartment at about 3:00am. More than a year after the experience, Hopkins received mail correspondence from two witnesses, known as Richard and Dan, who, claiming initially to be police officers, claimed to have witnessed the abduction. Agreeing perfectly with Linda's account of the abduction, the two men turned out to be more than merely police officers. They were in fact CIA agents and bodyguards of Javier Perez de Cuellar, former Secretary General of the United Nations, who was allegedly visibly shaken by the scene.

What the CIA agents saw that night would have a deep impact on them. They would become irrational and psychotic, and one of them would become to think of Linda as having some unusual, extraordinary power or influence on others and he began to stalk her. On April 29, 1991 they kidnapped Linda, bundled her into their car in broad daylight and quizzed her for three hours. Dan became increasingly upset with Linda as she reiterated that she had no idea why the abduction had happened. Linda would be kidnapped a second time by the men who tried to pry information from her, thinking she had a part in the alien abduction herself, which brought them into the case involuntarily. One of the agents, Richard, stated: "There was an oval-shaped object hovering over the top of the apartment building two or three blocks up from where we sat. We didn't know where it came from. It happened too fast. Its lights turned from a bright reddish orange to a whitish blue coming out of the bottom. Green lights rotated round the edge of the saucer. A little girl or woman wearing a white gown sailed out of the window in a fetal position - and then stood in mid-air in this beam of light. I could see three of the ugliest creatures I ever saw. I don't know what they were. They weren't human. Their heads were out of proportion, very large heads with no hair. Those buggers were escorting her into the craft. My partner screamed, 'We have got to get them.' We tried to get out of the car but couldn't. After the woman was escorted in, the oval turned reddish orange again and whisked off."

Additional eyewitnesses have since come forward. One witness thought she was watching the filming of a scene from an upcoming Sci-fi film. In a recent French magazine "La Gazette Forteenne", Issue # 2, 2003, Linda mentions a New York Post truck driver who saw the abduction from the Brooklyn Bridge, and that people witnessed a small traffic jam on the intersection between South Street and Catherine Slip at the same time. UFO Magazine published “The Day Manhattan Stood Still” (Oct-Nov. 2002), bringing forth more witnesses and evidence. Apparently, dozens of workers of the New York Post witnessed the event, and allegedly residual physical trace evidence points to at least four workers being taken that morning for about 30-40 minutes.

(UFOs and the National Security State, Volume 2 – The Coverup Exposed, Richard Dolan, Pg 502-506. )

1989 Jul 22 - Officer Spots Huge Metallic Disc
Trenton, Maine
... ...
At 3:30pm, over Blue Hill Bay, Randy Rhodes, a police dispatcher for the City of Ellsworth, and Bill Reiff, an attorney, took off in a Beechcraft Bonanza from the Bar Harbor-Trenton airport. At around 3:45 p.m. they spotted a huge metallic disc, shining like polished aluminum, at the 9 o'clock position. It was at the same altitude as their plane - approximately 5100-5200 feet. The object suddenly moved dead ahead to the 12 o'clock position and it took on a reddish or rose color. Not very enthusiastic about continuing on with this thing in front of them, they turned back for the Bar Harbor-Trenton airport.

The Aerial Direction Finder was working at the time but the DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) was not receiving. It had never before given them a problem, and 3-4 minutes after the object disappeared the DME came back on.

When they landed they discovered that there had been power surges and outages on the ground, and they recalled that when they last observed the object it was headed in the direction of the Maine Yankee Nuclear Power plant in Wiscasset. However, a spokesman for the Bangor HydroElectric Company later reported that three limbs falling over a transmission line when a resident cut down a tree caused the outage.

(NICAP, The UFO Evidence, II, Section III, nicap.org/waves/1989fullrep.htm)
(Leland Bechtel, MUFON UFO Journal, November 1989, p. 19)

1989 Feb 10-17 - DeKalb County Police Overwhelmed by UFOs
DeKalb County, Alabama.
On Feb 10, 1989, the DeKalb County Sheriff's office received over 50 calls over a 25 mile radius regarding "a silent thing streaking through the dark." Police Chief Junior Garmany and assistant chief Fred Works drove to one site where they saw the object immediately. It was at an altitude of roughly 1000 to 1500 feet and completely silent. The officers pursued the object for 12 miles when it suddenly reversed direction and flew over them. It appeared diamond-shaped, but rounded with edges, with flashing green, white, and red lights along the sides. Three white lights were along the bottom. It had no windows, lettering, or wings.

After the object left, it was seen by a state trooper and by police officers in the towns of Crossville, Geraldine, and Collinsville. On one occasion, police officers reportedly saw three of the aircraft at one time.

A few nights later, on the evening of Feb 15, 1989, Fyffe police officer Sgt. Dennison Scott, along with two other officers, investigated a report of a strange object in the sky. Scott said the hovering object could be seen from anywhere in the city, flashing multi-coloured lights for more than an hour, until it moved away to the Northwest toward Huntsville.

Junior Garmany and Fred Works believed they saw the object again on Feb 17. Sightings continued in March. The officers received a lot of ridicule in the press. The area of Fyffe had been the scene of many animal mutilations, mostly of cattle. The phenomenon lasted well into the 90s and subject to serious concern by Chief of Police Garmany and the Mayor Boyd Graben.

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1988 Dec 4 - Officer Blinded by Silver Oval
Dauphin County, eastern Pennsylvania.
In Dauphin County, eastern Pennsylvania, on Dec 4, 1988, a law enforcement officer was driving to work at 5:25am when he noticed a brilliant glow in the sky ahead of him. It was so bright that he could hardly see, and he swerved to stop. About 150 feet in the air was a 75-foot long, highly polished silver object shaped like an elongated oval. It gave a humming sound an bathed the car in intense light. It moved left and right, shot straight up in the sky and stopped. Then it departed out of sight. Afterwards, the officer felt ill, suffered from a sunburn-like effect on his face, severe eye irritation, headache, and neck pain. The paint on his car also appeared to be dulled, and an unusual powder-like substance was found on the cars' exterior.

(UFOs and the National Security State, Volume 2 – The Coverup Exposed, Richard Dolan, Pg 438-439. [95])
(Gordan, Stan, "Number of UFO Reports in State Unprecedented in '88", Latrobe Bulletin, 1/9/89.)

1987 Oct 7 - US - Three Officers Claim UFO Sighting
Wytheville, Virginia.

Radio reporter Danny Gordon checked in with a local sheriff in Wytheville, Virginia, on October 7, 1987, and was shocked to learn that three Wytheville police officers had claimed to have seen a UFO. The story sparked unprecetended listener reaction, as UFO sightings poured into the radio station.

(Danny Gordon)

1987 Jul 14 - Police Respond and Watch UFOs Over Madison
Madison, Wisconsin.

Thea Hefty called the police when she saw a strange bright object hovering in the sky over Waunakee early Tuesday Jul 14, 1987. Officers Kevin Plendl and Scott McElroy arrived at her home and spent an hour watching the unidentified flying object hang in the sky, then filled out a report on the incident. Thea Hefty described an object she spotted from her back door last March as a cigar-shaped object with three spheres attached to it, hovering just above the tree-line in the afternoon sky. Plendl described a the glowing object with red and blue flashing lights, from which an egg-shaped object separated, then flew off at high speed.

"A reasonable estimate is that only one in 10 sightings are reported," Mark Rodeghier, a sociologist at the University of Illinois Chicago Circle campus and scientific director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, said in a telephone interview. "Very few policemen go public with their sightings," he added. Police chief Frank Balistreri chuckled the day after the sighting, "I have to admit I have never seen anything like that. I don't know if I would admit it if I did."

(RICHARD EGGLESTON, 1987, the Associated Press, #\RBBS\DL\BELLE720.UFO# 20-Jul-87 16:11 MST; Sb: APwi 07/20 0231 UFOs-Wis, MADISON, Wis. (AP) , ufoera.com/articles/residents-and-police-watch-ufo-in-madison-wis_1190310878.html )

1987 Jul - Deputy Sheriff Sees Hovering Boomerang
Willisville, Illinois.
... ...
At 10:00pm, Perry County Deputy Sheriff had just stopped an individual to give a ticket when he saw bright spotlight come on. "The light was enough even from that distance (1/4 mile SW) to read the driver's license." Object then stopped over witnesses for about 30-seconds, light went off and object seemed to vanish. Object had been black, "boomerang"- shaped, with one very bright spotlight shining straight down, last seen slightly NE at tree-top level. The object made no sound and was visible about 2-minutes total. Witnesses thought it was a stealth bomber.

(FI Barbara Becker)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1987fullrep.htm)

1987 Mar 13 - Sheriff Observes Multiple Objects
... ...
At 10:30, Harrison County Deputy Sheriff Steve Hamm was called to the residence on Mickey Shawler concerning strange lights. They observed up to twelve lights during a four hour period. At one point one of the lights came within 250 feet of the witnesses. One sighting involved a quick descent. All of the lights were very bright and different colors: white, red, green, and a couple were orange. Objects at times were in front of, and passed behind, a tree line at range 1/2 mile. No sound was heard. Objects maneuvered, hovered, wobbled. This was the beginning of a local flap at Corydon involving what we later termed OBOLs, Orange Balls of Light.

(MUFON Indiana, FI Delehanty)
(NICAP, nicap.org/corydon.htm)

1985 Oct 15 - Sergeant John Zeller

Sgt John C. Zeller (Photo credit: Keene Sentinel)
Keene Police
On the night of Oct. 15, the Keene, N. H. police got an anonymous phone call. The man refused to give his name because he said his wife would think he was crazy. He told the police something strange was hovering over the city. A sceptic familiar with crank calls, Sgt. John Zeller was in no hurry to reach the section of Route 12 where the object was reported. As he drove from West Street to Route 12, the car coming toward him screeched to a stop, and two people got out, pointing at the sky. "There was something, mostly lights, hovering five to 700 feet off the ground, red, green, white pulsating types," Zeller says. "All you could see was the lights, you couldn't see any outline. The strange thing was, this was absolutely still, like it was stuck there. There was no sound. I stood there probably two minutes."

Then Sgt. Zeller aimed his 200,000 candlelight power spotlight at the hovering lights. "You could see the light beam through the dark," Zeller says. "The minute the light beam was put on it, it came toward it, at an angle, lowering at the same time. It was so clearly unconventional. The thing kept coming about 100 feet from the cruiser, travelling as fast as you'd ride a bicycle." The strange craft hovered over the cruiser, barely moving. Zeller saw no markings, no openings, and can't remember if he saw wings, but he described the object as 40-50 feet long, 10-15 feet wide, cream-colored with blunt ends, ridged on the bottom like an old-fashioned bathtub. "It gave out a two-tone hum," Zeller says. "It went over to a car wash and it did something which I assume was turning around, then it went - boom - over toward the Ramada Inn."

(Portsmouth Herald, NH, "UFO sightings: Just give me the facts", June 2, 1985)
(UFOevidece.org, case ID 762)

Approx. 1985 - Officers Report UFO Following Investigation Of Alien
Dulce, New Mexico
... ...
A law enforcemnt officer with the Jicarilla Apache Police with a Background Police Science and Forensics from Western NM Univ., Silver City, went to graveyard shift at midnight with another officer and a diapatcher. Having being notified by the previous shift, who mockingly failed to investigate, they immediately went to a single females home. They officers had been informed that a small being had been in her house at the foot of the bed with a box shining a laser like red light at her.

The officer noted that the female was obviously shaken, that there was some electrical malfunctions within her home, and that her animals, dogs and horses were uneasy. Throughout the night the unit continued to check on her. When the officers attended early in the morning, her house was dark and as they entered they could hear her down the hall crying for help. Otherwise it was strangely quiet. At dawn the officers again drove to the home and noticed some movement in the brush and trees just west of her home about 15 yards away.

" ... soon after as I was stepping out of my unit three oval craft in a triangular pattern, about the size of a three bedroom home, lifted off from behind some juniper trees just 30 yards at the most, taking off silently without noise/down drafts, then turn a bright white light and slowly went in the direction east towards Chama, NM, slowly gain altitude." Both Officers and the Dispatcher were witness to the UFOs. The officers then heard State Police radio from Chama relaying sightings of UFOs.

(MUFON, Mufon.com)

1982-1989 - Officers See Hudson Valley UFO
Hudson Valley, New York

Near midnight, on New Year's Eve, December 31, 1982, a retired New York City police officer, outside his home in Kent, a few miles from the Connecticut border, saw overhead, red, green, and white lights moving across the sky. They appeared to be connected in a boomerang or V-shape. A faint, deep hum came from it, which the witness said sounded "like a factory with a lot of machines running in the distance." He called his wife who came out with a video camera. They videotaped the object while it passed directly over their house just 500 feet above. As it passed over, the retired officer felt a deep vibration in his chest. The multi-coloured lights then went out, and three bright white lights appeared in a triangular shape. It passed slowly out of sight towards Interstate 84 at the state border. Unfortunately the video came out poorly. [1]

On Feb 26, 1983, numerous highly credible people reported a large boomerang-shaped flying object around the Hudson Valley area. When local investigator Philip Imbrogno contacted the Danbury police about this, he was simply told, "Stable people do not report UFOs." [2]

On March 17, 1983, at 8:40pm, Brewster resident Linda Nicoletti reported to the sheriff's office, a large boomerang-shaped object, with rows of multi-coloured lights and a bright light in the center. The dispatcher told her that there had been quite a few UFO calls, and that several police officers had reported a UFO. The dispatcher told her it was an experimental aircraft from Steward Air Force Base, although the sheriff's office later denied making the statement. Dennis Sant, deputy clerk for Putnam country confirmed also sighting the UFO event, and stated, “It was so close you could hit it with a baseball.” He said the object had been quiet, but not silent. He heard “a low engine sound, very finely tuned.” [3]

On March 24, 1983, Hudson Valley UFO sightings continued unabated. As a UFO hovered over Taconic Parkway, traffic stopped as motorists left their vehicles to observe. A police officer saw an object that turned 180 degrees around, as if on a wheel, then slowly drift away. One police witness stated, "I saw the thing. It hovered directly over my head for five minutes, and airplanes don't hover." [4]

In the town of Danbury, Connecticut, on the evening of July 12, 1983, at 9:30pm, a police officer answered a call at a location southeast of Danbury, where he saw several people standing outside looking at a circular pattern of light in the sky. The lights, which flashed red, blue, green, and appeared to be attached to a silent object, as no stars were visible inside the ring of lights. The object appeared to be less than 500 feet in altitude and 300 feet in diameter. The officer shone a spotlight on the object and the object projected a brilliant flash of white light downward, before it moved quickly northwards. [5]

A few hours later, at 10:55pm, Police Chief Nelson Macedo, his brother-in-law Charles Yacuzzi, Yacuzzi's 15-yr-old son Michael, and retired police officer Jim Lucksky were in a boat, and as they talked, they noticed a grey circular object, fairly high in the sky. It was motionless, silent, and very large. The discerned twenty to thirty bright lights on it - blue, red, orange, and green – moving in a circular pattern. The men turned off their boat lights, and the object shut off its own lights. For several minutes all was quiet. Charles Yacuzzi the turned the boat lights on and off, whereupon the object swiftly switched on very bright lights moved behind the mountains. [6]

Along New York State's Taconic Parkway, on the night of March 25, 1984, near the town of Peekskill, hundreds of people saw a slow moving, boomerang-shaped object with sex intensely bright lights and a green light in the center. Drivers stopped their cars to watch. Local police were overwhelmed with phone calls. Investigators learned that the official policy in most towns was to discourage police from talking about the sightings. Some police were dismissive or insulting to witnesses. In Danbury, Connecticut, one officer told a resident that "it can't be UFOs because they don't exist." Another advised a caller to "sleep it off and the pink UFO will go away." [7] The incident was repeated again on March 25. [8]

The Taconic Parkway was visited by a UFO again on the night of April 25, 1984. It had brilliant white lights in a half circle, along with smaller red lights, and some witnesses discerned a football-sized dark structure, silent and motionless. Drivers were swerving and they saw the object. One witness phoned the New York State Police, which informed her she "probably saw those hang gliders from Stormville Airport." [9]

On June 11, 1984, a New Castle police lieutenant named Peterson called the Westchester Airport about a UFO he and others had seen. His concern was simple, "I want to know where the hell are our government's defences." The airport representative told him what he probably saw air planes in formation. When Paterson adamantly disagreed, the representative replied, "just tell the people they saw planes ... It's planes, at least that's what I was told." Researchers contacted the FAA the next day, and were told the conversation had never taken place, [10]

On July 20, 1984, Police in the towns of Danbury, Ridgefield, Bethel, New Fairfield, and New Milford received report after report of a low flying, slow moving object as large as a football field. Its lights were incredible bright, and intense beams of light were directed to the ground. It gave off heat to those beneath it. Its light pattern was circular. Many Danbury police saw the object and became believers. Investigators estimated that 5000 people saw the object. A police officer from Bethel saw that not only had many officers seen the object that night, but they had been asked by the FAA to stonewall both press and investigators. If pressed, they were to explain the lights as caused by stunt flyers, primarily to prevent panic. [11]

On the night of July 24, 1984, at least a dozen workers and security police watched a boomerang patterns of lights on a triangular object, about the size of a football field, approach the Indian Point Nuclear Facility, The plant's security and communications system shut down. The New York National Guard base was contacted and an armed helicopter was requested but then the object glided away. Peeskill police received numerous calls from residents reporting the object. Following the incident, a journalist received information that state police arrested four Cessna pilots, but state police records showed this to be untrue. Researcher Imbrogno indicated that he had sworn testimony from security personnel that in fact there had been a crack in the wall of reactor #3, and that they had not only seen an enormous UFO hovering above, but some had seen non-humans walking through the containment wall of the reactor, and the beings had saved the plant from nuclear disaster. [12]

On March 25, 1986, in Kingston, New York, at least 500 witnesses described a flying object that resembled a "giant Ferris wheel" the size of a football field. It made a humming sound and had intensely bright lights. A dark mass was visible behind the lights which blocked out the entire sky. The object suddenly flipped on its side before going away. One of the witnesses was a police officer, who said, "up to this point, I heard about the sightings and was convinced that it was nothing more than a bunch of guys flying in planes perpetrating a hoax, but now I know this is not so." [13]

On May 24, 1987, in the town of Newtown, Connecticut, over 100 people saw a slow, silent, low flying, circular formation of lights. The object passed over route I-84, causing many cars to pull over and some to loose power. A state police officer was sent to investigate the event and photographed the object, which showed a nearly complete circle of multi-coloured lights. An experienced commercial pilot Randy Etting saw the object through binoculars. He called the state police explaining that he had never seen anything like this before. The officer told him that he had merely seen ultralights in formation. Etting called this answer, "the prattling of idiots." Bruce Maccabee analysed the photo. His findings indicated that the object was huge, perhaps over a thousand feet across, and that the lights showed definite pattern. [14]

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1984 Mar 6 - Police Respond And Confirm Huge Boomerang UFO
10:00pm, West of Norris, SD
... ...
At 10:00pm, a large boomerang or U-shaped UFO was seen by two police officers, Jensen and Myers, west of Norris, South Dakota, after having been called out on a reported sighting of the UFO by a citizen ten minutes earlier.

(J. Allen Hynek, International UFO Reporter, March 1984, p. 6)
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1983 Mar 24 - Highway Patrol Observes Flying Circular Object
Happy Camp, California.
... ...
At 4:45pm, California Highway Patrol officer Harold R. Chandler was on routine patrol near the Northern California border with Oregon when he spotted a dark, circular object, flat with no protuberances, flying overhead across his path. "I was looking up at the bottom of the object, It was about 800+ feet above me. It's speed was slow, maybe 80-100mph. ... The craft stood out clearly against the sky and appeared dark gray."

(Investigation by Paul Cerny; MUFON report form)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1982fullrep.htm)

1982 Nov 27 - Three Officers Encounter Domed Saucer
Palatine, Illinois
... ...
At 5:00am, in the suburbs of Cook County, there was a vehicle encounter between three police officers and a domed disc-shaped object 30 feet in diameter, which emitted a light beam toward the ground. It began when a luminous object with brilliant illumination brightly illuminated a police patrol car, then changed direction when pursued. The white domed disc was later seen to the east, with a light beam extended toward the ground, as it descended behind the tree line. The entire episode lasted about three minutes.

(Mark Rodeghier, International UFO Reporter, March 1983, p. 10; Richard H. Hall)
(NICAP, The UFO Evidence, II: A Thirty-Year Report, pp. 188 & 315, nicap.org/waves/1982fullrep.htm)

1982 May 22 - Deputy Sheriff Enounters Flying Diamond
Liberty County, East Texas.
Liberty County deputy sheriff John McDonald was on patrol on the night of May 22, 1982, and just before 11pm, he noticed two bright lights above tall pine trees. Thinking he was seeing a low flying airplane, he pointed his spotlight toward them as the lights sank out of sight. Then the lights reappeared and passed over his head at a low altitude, perhaps 1000 feet. McDonald shone his spotlight again, and "could plainly see... it was in a diamond shape," albeit with four rounded corners. The object was greyish in colour and estimated to be able to fit ten cars inside it. Despite the quiet night, he heard no sound as it moved away. Unlike other witnesses around that time, McDonald suffered no physical side effects. He prepared an official "offence report", a copy of which John Schuessler obtained.

(NICAP, The UFO Evidence, II:A Thirty-Year Report - Richard Hall, 2000, section V, nicap.org/waves/1982fullrep.htm)
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1981 Aug 30 - Reserve Police Officer Abducted
near Alpine, CA.
... ...
At 10:30pm a reserve police officer was driving near town when he encountered a huge dark disc shaped object hovering 15 feet above the roadway. The witness's vehicle suddenly stopped of its own accord. There was a bright flash, then moments later two small beings approached and took him from his vehicle. He then found himself back in the vehicle 15 minutes later and saw the dark disc rising rapidly, shining a beam of white light towards the ground. The witness fired four shots at the object and then drove home at high speed. Magnetic cassette tapes in the witness vehicle were partially erased.

(HC addition # 695, Source: Bob Gribble, Mufon UFO Journal #280)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1981fullrep.htm)

1981 Mar 23 - Officer Followed by UFO
Route 65, western Pennsylvania.
During the Pennsylvania UFO wave of 1981, a UFO was reported in western Pennsylvania on March 23 by an off-duty police officer on Route 65, who saw a bright, round object in the late afternoon above the roof of his house. He notified another officer, who also saw the object when he arrived. It then followed the patrol car down Route 65, at times from behind and at times directly above. Another officer was called to the scene, the one with a camera, but the object was too far off and almost out of sight by the time he arrived.

(UFOs and the National Security State, Volume 2 – The Coverup Exposed, Richard Dolan, pg 270.)

1980 Nov 18 - A Dozen Officers Watch Triangular UFO
Kirksville and Trenton, Missouri
... ...
On the evening of November 18, 1980, hundreds of people in north-central Missouri, including a dozen police officers, saw a large, triangular object over a period of more than four hours. It moved slowly back and forth over an area of nearly one hundred miles, passing over many small communities and the cities of Kirksville and Trenton, which are about sixty miles apart. At one time, the object was tracked on radar moving erratically at a speed of about forty-five miles an hour. The technician who saw this on the radar scope at a remote FAA facility north of Kirksville stepped outside and could see the lights of the object about six miles away.

(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1980fullrep.htm)

1980 Aug 8-9/22 - UFOs Over Manzano Weapons Storage Area
Kirtland, New Mexico.
Shortly before midnight on August 8-9, three security policemen on the eastern side of the Manzano Weapons Storage Area, saw a "very bright light in the sky about three miles north-east of their position. Initially they thought it might have been a helicopter but they assumed otherwise when it travelled south extremely fast and then stopped suddenly over Coyote Canyon. The light then descended and appeared to land in the Coyote Canyon area, somewhat east of the complex. The guards contacted Central Security Control inside Manzano, which in turn contacted Sandia Security. At about 12:20am, a Sandia guard on routine patrol noticed an intense bright light hovering motionless near the ground. It was behind a building of the facility. Thinking this might be a helicopter with bright lights, he approached with shotgun in hand. When he tried to use his radio, he found it had stopped working. He then realised the light was actually a disc shaped object. It shot straight up and was gone. The other security policemen, who had originally seen the bright object were several miles away. They also saw it shoot up at hight speed and disappear.

There were other UFO landings at or near Kirtland that month. During the week prior, another Sandia guard had seen an unknown object land near an alarmed structure, but he did not report it for a month "for fear of harassment."

Nearby, on August 22, 1980, three security policemen observed an object land in Coyote Canyon.

(UFOs and the National Security State, Volume 2 – The Coverup Exposed, Richard Dolan, Pg 219.)

1980 Aug 10 - Patrolman Reports Landed Unknown Craft
Belen-Albuquerque, New Mexico.
On the night of August 10, 1980, a New Mexico State Patrolman reported a landing of an unknown craft between Belen and Albuquerque.

(UFOs and the National Security State, Volume 2 – The Coverup Exposed, Richard Dolan, Pg 219. para 4.)

1980 May 5 - Officer Witnesses Animal Mutilation
Northeastern New Mexico.
On May 5, 1980, in Northeastern New Mexico, Myrna Hansen was driving with her eight-year-old son when they saw two huge, silent objects hovering over a mountain meadow. One was large as two Goodyear blimps, the other was slightly smaller and triangular. The next thing either could remember was arriving home four hours late with no explanation. The next day, Hansen phoned the New Mexico State Police office in Cimarron. She talked about incredibly bright lights, herds of cattle, and strange people. She was frightened and asked for help. She was referred to officer Gabriel Valdez in Dulce. Many years later another witness corroborated the UFOs, bellowing cattle, and something horrible happening to one of the animals. This was the wife of a Cimarron police officer. Seven years later the officer also confided the event to Valdez.

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1980 May 2 - Two County Employees See Flying Sphere
Diablo Range, San Francisco Bay area.
During mid-morning on May 2, 1980, two county employees in the Diablo Range saw a bright, shiny, spherical object moving south. Through binoculars, they saw a blue-green band in the center and orange at the bottom. It stopped and spun over an observatory for ten seconds, then went south.

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