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US Police UFO Witnesses 2000-2009

2009 Jul 23 - Nebraska Cop Observes Platter-Size UFO
Fairbury, Jefferson County
Responding to a callout, a Fairbury, Jefferson County, officer arrived to watch from his patrol car a platter-sized flying saucer hover for ten minutes. He then entered the callers home to continue watching.

(Roger Marsh, UFO Examiner 3 Aug 2009.)

2008 Apr 25 - Illinois Officers And Many Witness To UFO Sighting
Round Lake, Illinois
... ...
At about 8:45pm, people were pulled over to the side of route 120. At least two police squad cars also arrived to observe the UFO. A UFO described as a huge stationary light hovered near ground level. When police approached the light source in the field, it shot directly up in the air and disappeared. Police conducted a fruitless seach of the area until about 11:30pm.

(Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research, hbccufo.org)

2008 Jun 19 - Officer Responds To See Semi-circular UFO
Roanoke County, Virginia
... ...
At around 11:35 p.m. a Roanoke County, Virginia police officer responded to a call about a strange unidentified object in the sky over the Catawba area, ten miles west-northwest of the Roanoke Regional Airport. The officer reported seeing the object in the air slowly moving parallel to Interstate 81. The object was semi-circular in appearance and had approximately half a dozen red and orange flashing lights around it. It made no sound as it moved. The police department received a second call at 12:15 a.m. looking for answers about the object reported over Catawba. Police said at least two additional witnesses besides the officer saw the object.

(Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, June 2008 webpage, report posted July 5, 2008)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/2008fullrep.htm)

2008 May 14 - Former Police Officer sees UFO Before Crash and Retrieval
Colorado River, nr Topock,California/Arizona , 3:00 AM

Along the Colorado River at around 3:00 am, near Topock Arizona, retired former Superintendent of Operations and Police Chief at Los Angeles International Airport from 1978-1985 and Superintendent of Operations at Ontario International Airport in California from 1985 to 1986, Frank Costigan, was three miles east of the Colorado River when he saw a bright object of many colors dominated by turquoise blue with some green, streaking through the sky toward the Colorado River area. Frank saw red and yellow colors like flames and thought the object was about to crash, but it dissapeared from view and he heard to explosion.

A houseboat resident was fishing and stunned to see a large, bright “fiery object” hurtling from the sky toward him . He thought a plane was about to crash but was puzzled by the vivid turquoise blue colour with touches of green. He was only about 400 yards from where he saw object hit the ground on the west side of the river. When it hit the ground about 100 yards west of the river, he heard a thump and saw the thing bounce back up in the air with more glowing red yellow pieces around the big center object. He attemtped to call 911 but only got a busy signal. The witness then heard the loud sound of a helicopter coming. Then the still-glowing object was hooked underneath the skycrane and carried away. He thought that the object might be as big as a 10,000 gallon tank truck and oval in shape.

The following morning, owner and general manager of KTOX AM 1340, David Hayes, was driving to work along I-40 in Needles when he saw very unusual vehicles traveling together with black and white special license plates .

(UFOInfo.com Albert S Rosales, Original source: earthfiles.com)
(The Canadian, agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2008/08/25/02574)

2008 Jan 8 - Dozens in Stephenville and Dublin See UFOs
Stephenville/Dublin, Erath County, Texas
Several dozen people including a pilot, county constable Lee Roy Gaitan and business owners, saw a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast. Some reported seeing fighter jets chasing it. Locals swear that it was larger, quieter, faster and lower to the ground than an airplane. They also said the object's lights changed configuration, unlike those of a plane. People in several towns who reported seeing it over several weeks offered similar descriptions of the object.

Another anonymous officer on patrol used his police radar system for tracking speeders to measure the speed of a huge object in the sky.

Through later Freedom of Information Requests, it was learnt that the UFO was detected by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Weather Service, all nearby military bases, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Services and the 21st and 30th Air Force Wing Commands, and an Air Force jet pursuit took place. It was discovered that the object was traveling to the southeast on a direct course towards the Crawford Ranch, known as President Bush's western White House.

(Fox News)
(UfoEvidence.org Case 1156)
(UfoEvidence.org Case subarticle 1182)
(UFO Hunters - Invasion Texas)

2007 Jan 26 - Locals And Officer Claim To Have Seen UFO
Charlotte, North Carolina

A turquoise colored UFO was reported by locals and an officer in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. Jim Neal said that the object was, "Bright blue-green ball with a white tail." Julie Bigham said that the object was, "A greenish-like light low in the sky. We thought a small plane or helicopter was going to crash." David Whitesides said that the object was, "A slow-moving bluish glow." Brett Lay said that the object was, "Large, bright green ball. Had a haze about it." Amy Bromberg said that, "Almost looked like a flare. Kind of creepy." Psychologist and a former military pilot Granville Angell said that, "It was like a ball that grew a tail. It was about 20 to 30 degrees above the horizon. Uh, and it came from west to east. It was like a shallow arc across the sky and descended down. It was a very shallow descent and a glowing flare as it went down. It was visible for about, oh, 10-15 seconds. Heaven only knows what it could be, but some type of a UFO. I'm not saying an alien but something." He noted that he initially thought it was an airplane crashing but noticed that the colors weren't right and he said it could not have been a comet because it moved too slowly. The National Weather Service said they received more than a dozen calls about the object. All planes and helicopters in the area were accounted for.

(Natalie Dick. "911 operators get several calls about UFO" — WCNC, January 26, 2006)
(Mark Washburn. "What was that light in the sky?" — The Charlotte Observer, January 26, 2006)
("Was There a UFO Above Charlotte?" — WLTX, January 26, 2007, wltx.com/sports/story.aspx?storyid=46285)
("UFO sighing In North Carolina" — KLTV, 1 January 26, 2006, kltv.com/Global/story.asp?S=5994158)

2004 Dec 25 - Longbeach PD Capture UFO on FLIR

Longbeach Helicopter Police pursued a UFO and captured images on FLIR camera.


2004 Apr 2 - Officer and Wife See 600ft Flying Saucer
Lamar, Colarado
26-yr veteran police officer of the Metro-Denver area and his wife were at John Martin State Park to camp when he saw a bright light coming from the dam heading west. As the light came closer it became apparent that it was not a single light but six lights strung together, estimated to be 600 feet in length. The first was white with the succeeding lights red blue red blue and amaber at the end. It appeared that the lights were connected by some sort of stucture.

The officer woke his wife who saw the lights stop directly perpendicular to them. The lights were directly over the lake, at an altitude of approximatley 500ft and distance of 500ft. The lights stopped and rotated. When the craft rotated it could be clearly seen that it was a craft that was disk-shaped with a dome stucture on top. The lights appeared to be luminated windows. The craft then winked out.. The sighting lasted no more than 5-10 seconds.

The officer spoke to the Park Ranger 2 miles away the next morning who stated said that in the past week they all have seen stange lights in and around the lake but supervision frowned on making any offical report.

(UfoEvidence.org case 85)

2003 Dec 26 - Three Huntington Police Officers See Circular Flying Object
An off duty Huntington officer was warming up his car when saw he a UFO and he radioed for confirmation. Two fellow officers also saw it, too. All three Huntington officers saw the object from just north of the city Police Station, come out of the northwest to the steeple of a near by Catholic Church, then shoot straight back north. It didn't make any noise, and it remained in their sight for less than a minute. It was big described as the size of a hot air balloon or a backyard trampoline and low enough that one officer thought it was going to get hung up on the steeple of the church. No one called 911 and no one called city or county dispatch not the State Police.

The officer making the original sighting stated, "First it looked like a parachute that you can steer, black and curved, but there was nobody in it. It started rolling, a slow roll, and turned upside down. Then it looked like a giant set of bird wings. It did more rolls, and turned into an oblong circle that was orange. It wasn't any kind of flying machine that I can think of, and it's not like a '50s flying saucer. It was that big, but it didn't have a hump in the middle." The second officer who answered the call said his first impression was that it was "a tire" in the sky, but that made no sense. The first officer said the object changed shape three or four times. It moved in a straight line, tumbling as it moved, and made no noise. The third officer to verify the sighting heard the radio traffic and looked up. "It was so big, within no time at all I spotted it. When I first saw it, it was going in a flat plane, hovering, moving slowly right toward the church. It would glide, rotate the wide way around, and stay at one level, then it stopped, began moving in a circular motion, and turned bright orange. It went flat again, and hovered over the steeple".

The officers believe the object turned orange when it reflected the sunlight, like a compact mirror would if you twirled it. It appeared to be moving along at treetop level, no higher than the roof of the church. It disappeared from the first officers view after it went behind the church steeple, but the other two officers who had slightly different vantage points said it went behind the steeple and moved directly north. The second and third officers were 30 to 35 feet apart. They agreed the sighting lasted 30-45 seconds. Other statements included the object was completely circular, dome shaped. "The object would stop and then spin slowly, a maneuver no known aircraft can accomplish." Huntington Municipal Airport and Fort Wayne's Smith Field said there were no records of any out-of-the-ordinary craft making either a takeoff or landing.

(UfoEvidence.org Case 483)
(MUFON Indiana)

2003 Oct 7 - Sheridan County Sheriff Discloses Close Encounter
Sheridan County, North Dakota

Along with an original police report, Larry Gessner, former Sheriff, recounts in an email to PoliceUFO.com, "... I was told by The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, not to talk about this because I had testimony in court coming up, and they were afraid that the defense attorney would make me out to be crazy and discredit my testimony. I waited until 2007 after I had resigned to start making this public. I have been researching UFOs for a long time and am focused now on getting to the bottom of it. I want all of the other officers who read this to know they are not alone." The original report reads:

"On 07-10-03 at approximately 2300 hours, my wife Kelly went outside on our back deck to have a cigarette. While she was looking up into the southeastern sky, she noticed a small formation of three or four stars. ... One of the stars shot straight down and stopped. A series of red lights came on, and the object started moving in a northwest direction. She yelled for me to get out there, and when I got outside I saw what I first believed to be an aircraft, except the red, white, and green lights were in a vertical formation, not horizontal. ... I now noticed that the speed of this object was relatively slow. I listened, and heard a muffled sound much like a jet aircraft makes. The object got closer, and I estimated it to be about 1,000 feet in the air. ... It was just light enough to make out a silhouette. The object was longer from top to bottom than it was from front to back. It had depth to it, and if I were to associate a shape to it, I would say diamond-shaped.

"The craft had two small, red lights on the front of it, and two small, red lights on the rear about in the center of it. When it got closer, I noticed several larger windows that projected light from inside the craft. ... There were three larger red and green lights running vertically along the front edge of the craft. I was trying to pay attention to as many details as I could, and the one thing that stands out in my mind is that the speed was so slow and the muffled jet engine sound did not match and the sound was farther behind the craft. ... I also estimated this craft to be around 100 feet long and approximately 200 feet high. It was moving too slowly for its size. The sky was lighter in the west, and I was hoping that when it got in a position that the sky was lighter, I would be able to tell what it was. ... As the craft got to this position, I noticed the diamond-shape of this craft, and that it was not flat, but did have some depth to it. We had been watching it for approximately 30 seconds. I knew it was right over my deputy's house, so I ran inside and called him.

"It told him to go outside and look up, because there was some sort of UFO over his house. My wife had run out to the front porch, and I went outside and she told me about the same time I said UFO that the craft stopped, the red lights went out, the jet engine sound stopped, there was a soft, white glow around the back of the craft, and the craft shot straight up and disappeared. The craft was approximately 6-10 miles away at this point. My deputy called back to tell me he saw nothing.

"I have spent 14 years in the U.S. Air Force, all of them around jet aircraft. I cannot explain what we witnessed using any logical means. Our Law Enforcement dispatch center is handled on a state wide basis. ... I called State Radio and identified myself by my unit #4610, and inquired if they had received any reports of strange aircraft or UFO reports. I was told NO. They informed me that if they did, they would notify me."

(Original report disclosed to PoliceUFO.com)

2003 Mar 14 - Officer Responds To Watch UFOs
Winfield, Illinois
... ...
While pulling his car into the parking lot of the Behavioral Health Services Building in Winfield, Illinois the witness noticed three flashing objects coming down in the sky in front of the car. He next noticed more dropping out of the the sky until there were several. Most had red and white flashing lights, with no visible wings, and did not make a sound. Some had blue and aqua lights. Some were triangular, some cigar-shaped, and some were like a small box with four perpendicular lights. The main witness brought several people out from the building, and they all watched the spectacle together. Also during the sighting, a bona-fide helicopter with multi-colored lights flew over. A few of these objects left a contrail. The witness spent seven years in the Air Force, and is confident these were not conventional aircraft. He called 911, and a Winfield police officer responded and watched them with him. The lighted objects also discharged balls of light every once in a while, that also flew around.

(Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, March 2003 webpage)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/2003fullrep.htm)

2003 Feb 13 - CSI Witness Triangle UFO
Seattle, Washington
... ...
A police crime scene technician in Seattle, Washington was driving home from a crime scene at 2:30 a.m. when it started to rain. His car suddenly began making weird noises and the car radio turned on automatically, scanning through numerous stations at a rate of one a second. Lights inside and outside the car were also flashing. When he looked up he saw a huge triangular-shaped object above the car. In a few seconds blinding blue lights distracted the witness. The next thing he remembers all action suddenly stopped, and his car was parked on the side of the road with everything switched off. When he looked at his watch it was 3:03 a.m. He had lost track of 33 minutes of time. He turned his car engine on and drove back to his office.

(Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle; Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 2003, citing NUFORC)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/2003fullrep.htm)

2002 Mar 2 - New York Officer Submits Photos From Squad Car.

NYPD Officer Steve was working on a church crossing when he saw a strange object hovering in the air. Steve moved his car three times and filmed for about three minutes.


2002 Jan 31 - UFO Startles Police Canine
Jewel Valley, CA
... ...
At 5:30 am PST, a border patrol officer was sitting in his car with his male German Shepherd protection dog in the back seat. The back windows were “down a little bit so he could get air.” The witness head a rapidly oscillating humming sound that became louder, and he was thinking that something was wrong with his truck. His dog “got startled, and he jumped up and was looking out the window.” When the witness looked to see what the dog was looking at, he saw a large disc that flew directly over him going west to east. This disc was followed by more discs, and embedded among the discs was a large boomerang- shaped object. Aside from the oscillating hum, the witness also referred to a vibration that could be barely felt. He estimated the objects were 300 feet (or yards) overhead, and commented that if they had license plates, he could have read them. He compared their speed to that of a Cessna.

(Peter Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). Reported on 1/31/02, posted on 3/11/03.)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/2002fullrep.htm)

2001 Jul 15 - The Carteret, New Jersey, UFO
0:38am, Carteret, New Jersey

Hundred of people witnesses strange light changing formation over Carteret. The police recieved dozens of calls. Several police officers saw the very UFO that flew slowly over Carteret. Multiple smaller UFOs were also witnessed. Chriskill Police Chief Frank Tino was flying his own plane Delaware water gap, noting that some of them shot across the sky, some seem to hang for sometime before shooting away into the North West.

(Fox 5 News report)
(11 News report)

2001 Apr 24 - Waynesville Police UFO Encounter
Waynesville, OH
A UFO was reported by civilians and law enforcement officers in the evening skies near Waynesville, Ohio, in Warren County, as a big light which was pulsating and changing in color, and was said to be encased within a structure that resembled gridwork or cabling. A couple advised the Lebanon City Police Department of the object around 10:15pm. and the Warren County Communications Center dispatched a Waynesville police officer to the location.

A Waynesville officer confirmed the unidentifiable nature of the object and also reported that a second UFO was also in the area. Other officers responded and continued to view the sight, and dispatchers at the Warren County Communications Center telephoned Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton/Fairborne, Ohio, and Airborne Express at the Wilmington Airport in Clinton County, Ohio. Both flight control facilities dened any knowledge of unusual air traffic in the Waynesville area. While the Waynesville police officers viewed the object from Wilkerson Road looking south, a police dispatcher also observed the same object from her position at the Warren County Communications Center in Lebanon, Ohio, looking north toward Waynesville. From reviews of the police tapes, it can be estimated that the primary object may have been in a general location between Waynesville and Lebanon near the intersections of Pekin Road and Route 42. An officer with the Caesar's Creek State Police also noted the UFO from his location to the east of Waynesville. A third UFO was sighted in the area by police witnesses. The objects receded into the distance as other officers from the Ohio State Patrol arrived on the scene.

The following evening, on Wednesday April 25, UFOs were again reported in the area at 9:48pm by officers observing from a location near the Waynesville Airport. Another unusual object was seen in the area seven hours later reportedly pursuing a motorist near Genntown, Ohio, about 5-miles from Waynesville, according to a female complainant who advised the Ohio State Patrol of her 'extreme concern' regarding a triangular object with "super bright lights" that pursued her automobile while traveling on Route 122 at 5:00am.

(Kenny Young)

2000 Jan 5 - The Illinois Triangle

Officer Craig Stevens

Officer Ed Barton
(Photos: UFOEvidence.org)
At around 4am on January 5 2000, civilian Melvern Noll was returning from a delivery run when he noticed a bright rectangular star over in the sky. As it neared, he could see it was comparable in size to that of a football field, very tall with two floors, each having two rectangular windows toward the rear of the object with an intense white light radiating out from them and a series of lines or bars in them that ran up and down. A large number of dim red lights on the bottom could be seen. There was no sound, odour, or emission coming from the object. Disturbed, Noll drove to the Highland Police Station.

Highland dispatch contacted Lebanon and Officer Ed Barton responded at around 4:10-4:15am who sceptically proceeded north until he observed two large brilliant white lights in the sky, appearing close together with light rays radiating outward. Barton turned back towards Lebanon where he was then able to observe the lights to his left. As he was watching the lights, the two bright lights became one. He switched on his overhead lights, thinking it might be an aircraft in distress. On arriving in town he turned east to see the bright light appearing as an elongated cigar-shape which was now stationary to the northeast end of the neighboring town of Summerfield. He stopped his vehicle and the object suddenly hovered towards him. He turned off his lights and radio to hear any noise, but the object was silent. As it approached he observed a massive narrow elongated triangle, at least 75ft in length and 40ft in width, with a bright light at each corner which seemed to point straight down without lighting the ground. There was also a small flashing red light in the middle close to the rear. He estimated it was no more than 100 feet distant and approximately 1000 feet above the ground. Then it rotated from a southerly heading to a south-westerly direction, with the object pivoting rather than banking. The object then accelerated towards the town of Shiloh and he was able to observe the rear as rectangular and illuminated by white light. Through the middle, lengthwise, was a band of multi-coloured illumination, but no individual coloured lights.

Officer David Martin of the Shiloh Police Department radioed that he could now see something. Martin was able to observe three brilliant white lights which were shining down from the object without illuminating the ground. Small red and green lights were also on the back end of the object. Martin estimated its altitude to be 1,000 feet, and the distance from his car to be about a quarter of a mile. The object resembled the shape of a wide triangle, estimated at 75-100 yards wide. Martin drove slowly and with his window down to hear any sound but the object was silent. He pulled over and exited the vehicle and the object sped up and disappeared to the west. Martin estimated the object's initial speed to be 15 mph, then at least 80-100 mph. In the nearby town of Millstadt, IL, Officer Craig Stevens was listening to the radio traffic and drove to the east end of Millstadt then the north end of town where he observed a huge object roughly triangular in shape, estimated to be 500-1000 feet in altitude and slow-moving. He heard no noise except a faint "low decibel buzzing sound". The object then moved northwards and had a white light on the left side, right side, and centre of the back end with a red light on the bottom. The back end appeared to be slightly recessed. Exiting his vehicle, he grabbed a Polaroid camera from his trunk, and took a picture, though poor in quality. The object then disappeared to the northwest.

Another police officer to report seeing the object that morning was from the town of Dupo, who, about five minutes after Stevens' transmission from Millstadt, observed an array of lights. The officer viewed the object through binoculars. The fifth officer Detective Lopinot was in his squad car driving east on Highway 50 going into O’Fallon and as he passed over Interstate 64, he saw an arrangement of bright, occasionally “twinkling”, amber lights (much brighter than street lights) at an approximate altitude of 200-300 feet, and covered an area larger than the wingspan of a C-5 military cargo plane (222 ft.) or a 747 jetliner (211 ft.). The lights consisted of two rows, three evenly spaced lights in the top row and two evenly spaced lights in the bottom rowAlong with civilians, these witnesses provided enough data to project the flight path of the object, with the object coming roughly 1-2 miles north of Scott Air Force Base. Information was provided by the St. Clair County Sheriffs Office, and the sighting became the focus of intense media coverage that continued for weeks after.

(David B. Marler, Illinois State Director, MUFON Journal No. 383, March 2000)
(UFOEvidence.org Case ID: 277 )
(Youtube, UFO over Illinois - Anatomy of a sighting.)
(Youtube, "UFO Hunters Case 66104, UFO Emergency", Part 1, esp. Part3.)