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Latin American Police UFO Witnesses

2012 Jan 24 - Mexico - Police Engage in UFO Chase
Mexicali, Baja California

A UFO report was received from the airport area, and was seen by C-4 operators manning the safety cameras who appear to have recorded it. The sighting prompted the mobilization of police officials. Martin Ruelas, supervisor of the western sector, was able to see it with his own eyes, but it was too fast and it was impossible to follow. Hundreds of phone calls were received at the "066" number, reporting the flying object's presence. The UFO prompted an intense mobilization by elements of the Public Safety Forces of the City of Mexicali, arising from citizen reports about the presence of a strange object in the air.

Alejandro Monreal Noriega, general commander of Patrols in the Dirección de Seguridad Pública Municipal (DSPM) reported that the first news item was received from people living in the vicinity of the airport. It was seen around the airport and subsequently flying at dizzying speeds toward the new guard post after citizens reported seeing it over the Marán Industrial Park, and subsequently in the Rivera Campestre district and related areas.

Martin Ruelas, supervisor of the DSPM's western region, saw it and stated that it was a sizeable round white object with visible blue and yellow flashes. He added that the object was seen high in the sky and moved up, down and sideways at very high speeds, vanishing from sight after heading south from the valley of Mexicali. Deputy Commander Medina, from the valley's southern area, also saw it and said it was too fast and impossible to follow, as it changed direction suddenly.

A chase by patrolmen was attempted but since the object changed position within seconds, they could only relay its location in order to have the nearest unit continue the report.

(Juan Galvan, Scott Corrales, Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy, UFO Digest Latin America Correspondent, inexplicata.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/mexico-police-engage-in-ufo-chase.html)
(analuisacid.com and La Voz de la Frontera)

2012 Jan 10 - Mexico - Police and Civilians Witness Bright UFO Captured on Video

Footage of a UFO was captured on January 10 2012 in Mexico with a Handy cam DCR SR220. A police officer was witness along with 3 others. The sighting lasted more than 10 minutes.

(original video: youtu.be/t5rHnoHdF9k, Uploaded on Jan 12, 2012)

2008 Oct - Mexico - UFO Filmed On Car Camera
Vera Cruz Wits:Antonio Peristein

Patrol Officer Antonio Peristein in the locality of Vera Cruz, Mexico, managed to capture and film a nearby UFO using his patrol car camera while on duty. Numerous witnesses were interviewed and the area was searched extensively but nothing was found.

(Jamie Maussan)

2007 Nov 11 - Argentina - Police Encounter UFO and 4 Aliens
Irene, nr Buenos Aires, Wits: 4 Officers
... ...
On Wednesday at 1:30am two police agents from the Oriente station were patroling the rural area in the vicinity of Irene when they became aware of a strange light.

"While I stared at the phone in my hand, I saw a small light, like that of a pickup truck approaching, but when I saw that it was closing in quickly, the light became larger as though from a large gray pickup truck. I wasn't disturbed by the scene, but at a distance of 10 meters I saw a shape moving and my first thought was that it was a dog. Then I saw that it was a silhouette, like that of a little man, standing approximately 80 centimeters tall, with a large head, large prominent gray eyes and a greenish cast. I then tried to dial my fellow officer's cellphone, but when I pressed the 1 and the 5, my hand remained sort of static. I could see that three more creatures came out of that vehicle or craft, two similar to the first and a fourth with a slightly more robust appearance," said Bracamonte with complete certainty. The policeman also said that "at that time, my partner was seeing the same thing I was seeing and shouted, "what's going on?!" In a flash, the four little men boarded that craft again and it took off swiftly toward the north, scattering a white light that extinguished itself, leaving behind a green halo and a strong odor of sulfur or gunpowder, making a sound like a thunderclap. "

Sub-lieutenant Santiago Walter of the Aparicio station added that he had a similar experience while on patrol a few kilometers away from Irene with officer Walter Carabajal between 1 and 2am. "We were heading out of [the town] of Nicolas Descalzi toward Aparicio on a routine patrol when we saw a large white light that appeared to engulf us. At that time the pickup stopped dead and I tried to place a call on my cellphone, but there was no signal. My partner, Carabajal, asked me to look up. That's when we saw a powerful light that appeared to stop above our pickup truck and then vanished in a flash," he said in a telephone interview. Walter contacted first lieutenant Damian Sandoval, the officer-in-charge at Oriente, only minutes later, and who was on patrol in the La Turca area, far from his present position. Sandoval reported nothing unusual. When [Walter] checked in with Bracamonte, part of the events and details of their respective experiences coincided. Both men have found no explanation for the event.

Orellano, Bracamonte's partner, acknowledged that the situation was strange, but does not regret having been a witness to it in the least. "When I went back to the pickup truck, Bracamonte was silent, with his hand paralyzed for an unknown reason. For two hours he had some trouble with his eyes, something that made them weep, but nothing major came of it."

Several residents of Oriente also claim having seen a strange glow that surrounded the towns of Irene and Aparicio at the time in question. A couple traveling from to Marisol from Oriente at the same time saw a light toward Irene that engulfed them from the rear. Farmworkers also witnessed the glow. At least a dozen local residents heard a loud report that startled them around 2am on Wednesday morning, which jolted them awake. However, there was no apparent cause of origin.

(La Voz del Pueblo - pueblo.com. ar/diario/ 2007-11-10/ La_Region/ 24309.htm)
(Inexplicata, Scott Corrales, IHU., 2007)
(Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)
(Cristian Juri, mysteryplanet.com.ar)
(Some sources report this event as having happened on Dec 7, ufo-blogger.com

2006 Mar 2/3 - Argentina - Police Officer Abducted
Dorila Wits:Sergio Pucheta
Officer Pucheta
Corporal Sergio Pucheta, who had worked for the police force for some 8 years and for the last two he served in the Cattle Rustling Division (Division Abigeato), was on patrol between 19:30 and 22:00 hours along the rural region of Dorila, Speluzzi and Trebolares, when he was reported missing. Found during the search for the missing officer were his dismantled service pistol, walkie-talkie and other belongings such as a cell phone without its stored phone numbers except for the last to his fellow officers, calling for backup. Pucheta reappeared at around 16:30 hours, benumbed and in a fetal position on a rural road near Quemu Quemu, some 20 kilometers away from the place of his disappearance. Later he said that he had been "waiting there since the morning. I was there from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, sitting and waiting" in a place where "no one ever came by". "My feet were paralyzed...I was numb. They told me that if I spent the day there until the evening, they would come back for me again." Pucheta was hospitalized at the Gobernador Centeno Hospital until noon Monday and upon discharge from hospital Corporal Sergio Pucheta related his experience to media from General Pico.

The ordeal began, he stated, when, "I was driving a motorcycle and when I reached the wilderness area we call "Las Cañas", I saw a red light similar to that of a car," he explained, adding that upon reaching the site, the light vanished. "Then I got off my motorcycle to see if could hear any noises. When I got back on the motorcycle and was about to put on my helmet, the red light appeared in front of me, against my face and very strong." He added that the red light "stood in front of me and sort of hypnotized me," adding that as a result he was paralysed. The light then rose into the air and caused him "considerable head and eye ache", a situation the officer tried to escape from, running away on foot into the fields. Pucheta noted that as he ran into the rural field "they were always behind me", in reference to two pursuing entities, and he related experiencing a life-flash. He maintained that the entities "levitated" and described one of the figures as "being smaller than me, somewhat transparent, with a large head and clear red eyes ... very red." He explained that "they were utilizing my mind, as if they were performing tests," which he later described as "life tests". During parts of the distance he covered "it was as though I was in the air" and even remembered having gone past young bull calves "that didn't move", as if the animals were unaware of his presence.

Sergio Pucheta said that his experience is just one of "many cases" recorded in the area. Previously, my partner and I have seen thousands of those red lights. We once chased one right to the blacktop highway. He added that some two weeks ago "a fellow officer was driving along the access road to Agustoni and saw a light in the middle of the road. He thought it was a car and flashed his headlights at it, but the light wouldn't budge. When he was about to overtake it, the light moved from one side to another and flew straight up." Pucheta showed a video made during the first days of February at a site close to the abduction. The images taken by the police officer show a round light apparently rotating on its axis. His video was requisitioned by Minister Tierno in the early hours of Friday the 3rd while the police searched for the missing officer.

The officer was placed under psychiatric care and he stated he "feels very afraid about going out at night" and that the entities told him telepathically that "they were going to seize another fellow officer who also travels alone." In an interview by a Barcelona (Spain) radio station, he said, "I'm feeling somewhat nervous; my head aches and my hands itch."

(ufoinfo.com )
(Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU), Inexplicata, The Journal of Hispanic Ufology, March 8, 2006)
(El Diario de la Pampa)
(Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.)

2005 Jun 24 - Mexico - Massive Sightings Of UFO Fleet Over Xalapa
A massive UFO sighting took place on Friday June 24, 2005 in Xalapa, Mexico, at 10:30am. The event was witnessed by Xalapa's governor, Fidel Herrera Beltran, members of his staff, many officers of the Xalapa police department, newspapers and television reporters and many people gathered at Casa Veracruz for an official ceremony for the delivery of new police patrol cars to the police department. Causing commotion, excitement and some alarm among the people and officials, just after governor Fidel Herrera Beltran finished a speech inaugurating the new units, his attention was called by his officials signaling to the sky where the strange spectacle appeared.

The UFO fleet of at least 14 unkown flying objects shocked the gathering at Casa Veracruz who, in a tremendous state of excitement, pointed to the sky shouting "OVNIs, OVNIs!"(UFOs). The police officers were also signaling to the sky in wonder. Different reactions were heard from surprise, curiosity, confusion and even laughter. Newspaper reporters took photos and the television crew videotaped the entire spectacle. Governor Beltran took the microphone and said, "It seems the martians have arrived."

On Friday night, TV Azteca presented the report with videos on national TV. On Saturday June 25 the Diario de Xalapa newspaper, as well as others, published as headlines the unusual event under the title, "Luminous Objects caught the attention during official act." The flying objects remained almost static in the sky in formation describing a triangle pattern in perfect alignment for almost 30 minutes.

(Santiago Yturria)
(Arturo del Moral)

2004 Oct 28 - Mexico - Police Helicopter Chases UFO
Merida, Yukatan

An airforce pilot was recording at least 12 glowing spheres moving about in the night sky outside his home at aproximately 10pm when a police helicopter appeared in pursuit.

(Presented by Jaime Mausson)

2004 Oct 19 - Mexico - Police & Residents Watch 23 UFOs
... ...
Ricardo Antonio López Morales, a resident of the port of Veracruz, describes the sighting of a UFO flotilla around 11:30am, and with an approximate duration of 45 minutes. He described them as semi-spherical shining objects that changed color. A police squad car and a commercial airliner were also present. He claimed that cellular phones were affected and animals reacted to the passing of the strange objects.

The following are fragments of the e-mail sent by Mr. Morales to UFO researcher Ana Luisa Cid: "I was checking my e-mail accounts when I suddenly heard all of the dogs in my neighborhood barking (including my own). First I thought it was some kids who, as always, were taunting the dogs, but then I noticed my neighbors going outside to see what was going on. I saw how one of them stared at the sky and began to say, jokingly: "Look, a flight [of] ducks!", to which I replied, "Those aren't ducks, it's a fleet of UFOs."

"After some 10 minutes of watching the phenomenon, a police squad car came around during its normal watch, stopped, and its occupants got out of the unit to see what was happening. They witnessed the phenomenon and began transmitting over their radio to request backup. At the same time, I took out my cell phone to call a friend who's a helicopter pilot and who also believes in UFOs and also works for the police aviation unit so that he would take a spin around the area for a look. To my surprise, my cell phone didn't work (and I had just charged the battery). I kept trying and the text: LOW BAT or NO SIGNAL AVAILABLE kept appearing. The same happened to the squad car--its radio wouldn't work."

"They were 23 semi-spherical objects, silver-colored, flying in a nearly tight formation. The lead object changed color and the others would do the same. When they changed color, the objects changed formation to form a soccer-goal type formation. 30 minutes later I saw an airplane taking off from the local airport, which was the regular AEROMEXICO flight from Veracruz to Miami, a Boeing B-737-900. The objects shifted from green to read and began spinning faster (just looking at them made me feel sick). After spinning for a minute, they broke formation and vanished into the air, but left us a little reminder of their presence: an odor of burnt leather or something that was truly unbearable. After that moment, the police were able to call their base to request assistance; I phoned my friend but couldn't get a signal. Instead another recording came on about my minutes having been exhausted (I had just purchased a 200 peso card the week pefore). My cell phone no longer works like it did before; it can be inferred that the magnetic field from the objects affected it -- aside from having "stolen" my credit, they short-circuited it, since it turns on by itself after being shut off.

"The squad car number was 087 Central Sector. When I spoke to the police station to make a report, I was told that no squad car with that number had been on the scene and that no report had been filed over the sighting."

(Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, INEXPLICATA, The Journal of Hispanic Ufology, 10-21-4)
(Ana Luisa Cid)
(Planeta UFO)

2004 Jan 16 - Mexico - Mexican Officers Attacked by Flying Humanoid

Officer Garza

Officer Samaniego

Two police officers in mexico were attacked by a flying humanoid described as a witch. Officer Samaniego was attacked in his squad car. With the being on the windscreen he reversed his car and fell unconcious from shock and required medical attention.

The testimonies of the officers are consistant with persistant reports of similar sightings from residents in the area. Nearby, a resident filmed what appeared to be a witch flying across the area. It has been noted as suspicious that, in the film, the media removed a witness comment that the object was a balloon. However the comment of one witness that the object might be a balloon does not provide conclusions. The events remain mysterious.

(Primer Impacto, Youtube)
(Exopolitics UK - Flying Humanoids Video Analysis)

2002 Aug 2 - Argentina - Fireman And Police Officer Hit By UFO Beams
Rio Cuarto
Sergeant Guillermo Arias had a strange encounter with a 200-meter long triangular device before midnight on Sunday, July 21, 2002 near Chajn, some 60 km SE of Rio Cuarto. Investigation into the event lead researchers to a case involving a policeman and a fireman who were "beseiged by a luminous, unidentified flying object with a powerful violet beam."

(Servicio Informativo Ovnilogico)
(Scott Corrales)

2002 Jul 15 - Argentina - Police Witness UFO Over Gobernador Ugarte
25 de Mayo, Gobernador Ugarte
... ...
Residents of the 25 de Mayo rural area and police personnel from the Gobernador Ugarte barracks of said district claim having seen a powerful white light suspended in space for several minutes before taking off swiftly toward the West. Three townspeople and three members of the Gobernador Ugarte police force witnessed something strange over a farmhouse, something that irradiated a very powerful white light from its lower section, making it difficult to see what was above the light. This fact has been made known to authorities of the Mercedes Police Department, who for the moment did not define the cause, although the eyewitness reports of local residents corroborates the sighting of a powerful light suspended over an abandoned house.

This "strange light" was seen by Jose Benavides and his wife Rosa Gutierrez, as well as by Manuel Gonzalez, who decided to report the event to the police barracks. It was thus that only a few minutes later the department's squad car, driven by senior officer Rafael Aragones and assisted by two other officers visited the field and attested to the truth of the call, since the strange light was indeed there. The field where the light was seen is located some 7 km away from the city center of the locality in 25 de Mayo.

(Daily newspaper "Diario La Mañana," Argentina, July 16, 2002, Translation Scott Corrales, IHU.)

2001 May 9 - Argentina - Police Escorted By UFO
... ...
On 9 May 2001, on the segment of Route 33 from Cachi to Salta, in the vicinity of the Recta de Tin Tin, Sgt. Flores was at the wheel of a police pickup truck with an unnamed officer, officer Corimayo, a female detainee, and at least one more person, when, after aprox 0400 in the morning, they noticed a luminous dot in the distance, much larger than a star. Flores, in order to draw the strange light’s attention, turned on the truck’s beacons. The object made a swift movement, covering several kilometers in a matter of seconds, placing itself at a distance no greater than 400 meters from the pickup truck and at an altitude of no more than 40 meters off the ground. The object’s size at this point was estimated to be several meters in diameter. The iridescent object was predominantly spherical, but with a highly luminous main body. It was surrounded by other very bright lights – green, red and violet.

Throughout an 18 kilometer journey, the police vehicle’s speed at no point exceeded 30 kilometers an hour, enabling them to see structural details and the movements of the phenomenon which kept a regular and steady distance. The lights appeared to extend to suggest a slightly elliptical shape to the main source of light. “I think that the (object) acted according to our provocations, because on turning on the squad car’s lights, it did the same. We turned off the lights and it did the same, but not the white light, just the colored lights surrounding it."

At a curve in the road, the object crossed in front of them. The object halted and electrical interference began, with the pickup truck left on the road’s right shoulder no more than 100 meters from the light. Flores and Corimayo descended from the car and it was then that they saw the object's size easily surpassing the road’s width, making it greater than ten or fifteen meters. They noticed a slight pulsing within the luminous figure, a beating of the surrounding lights that hinted at a subtle modification of sphere to ellipse. They could not determine if the object had landed, given they way it projected its light, with the brightness extending no less than 100 meters around. Watching it made their eyes burn. The main light was white, and the colored ones twinkled intermittently, making it seem as though flashes of color dominated the perimeter, quickly changing to another tone “as though it were a rainbow”. They were unable to pick up any odors, sounds or significant changes in temperature. It remained there for five minutes until it made a graceful move to the right, remaining no less than 700 meters from the witnesses. “As I left the car lights on, once the object pulled away, the headlights came on by themselves."

The officers continued their journey for about 600-700 meters until it took off like a shooting star, as intense as a lightning bolt. Possibly half an hour later, the witnesses began to feel some passing dizziness, headaches and intermittent nausea. They reached Salta around 0815 hours, over an hour late. The police officers state that the sighting took approximately an hour and a half.

(ufodigest.com, Paco Martínez, Patricio Parente, Juan Pablo González, Scott Corrales.)

2000 Jul 5 - Argentina - Humanoids Stalk Two Small Towns - Police Station Shut Down

Two towns in north-central Argentina have reported apparitions of El Diablillo, an Imp from Hell. And in the most recent case, authorities closed a police substation as a result. On Wednesday, July 5, 2000, Argentinian police "closed the deputy sheriff's office" in Dande de Varela "and placed two agents on guard" after the police officer on duty reportedly saw an Imp appear. "Cabo (Corporal) Miguel Angel Aguero was hospitalized yesterday morning (July 5) in a state of shock, having been given a nervous breakdown by an apparition of an Imp or dwarf which allegedly appeared in the substation."

"Corp. Aguero, 37, being ten years in the service and a champion marathon runner in the province, was found unconscious and seated in a chair, with his eyes wide open and staring at the ceiling. When his colleagues tried to bring him around, he started screaming, 'There! There it is! It's come to get me!' pointing into the air." Corp. Aguero was alone in the station at about 1 a.m. After performing a routine walk-through of the vacant cellblock, he returned to his office. Then he heard something come through the double doors behind him.

"'What do you want?' the agent said, petrified with fear." "'I have come for thee on Satan's behalf,' it replied." Later, at the hospital, Aguero described the entity in detail, saying, "It was a person; I don't know if it was a man, with red eyes, very red eyes. Its face was deformed and horrible with warts. It was about as tall as my waistline and wore filthy black pants and a green shirt. Its eyes were red and bulging. Horrible!" According to the police report, at 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 5, 2000, following three unsuccessful attempts to establish radio contact by means of the Centrex system with the substation in Dande de Carela, a police cruiser, Unit Alfa-3, was dispatched "to ascertain Corporal Aguero's situation."

The investigating officers found Aguero and then summoned an ambulance. After being apprised of the situation, police chief Domingo Celestino Martell ordered the substation closed and posted two armed guards on the premises. The other Diablillo sighting took place on Saturday night, April 17, 2000, in the town of Frias, 270 kilometers (162 miles) north of Cordoba.. "A police officer was traveling home along the Plazoleta Alfonso de la Vega. Then he saw a petiso (little person--J.T.) he took for a child. The policeman reprimanded the youngster for being outdoors at such a late hour, but in response received a menacing look from its fiery red eyes, which were described by others persons in the same city. Gripped by fear, the policemen lowered his gaze and continued walking."

(El Ancasti for July 6, 2000)

2000 Apr 17 - Argentina - Officer Shocked By Fire-eyed Being
Frias, night
... ...
A police officer traveling home along the Plazoleta Alfonso de la Vega noticed a short humanoid figure that he mistook for a child. As he approached the figure, reprimanding it at the same time, he received a menacing look from fiery red eyes. The shocked police officer realized that it was something other than a child and gripped with fear quickly walked away from the area. Other local residents reported seeing the same or similar being.

(iraap.org, HC addition # 3402 Type: E)

1997 Jun 14 - Argentina - Subcommissioner And Municipal Officer Accompanied By UFO
Telen, La Pampa.

Three police officials drove out of Telen in Argentina's La Pampa province, heading for the nearby city of Victoria. (Telen is 655 kilometers (585 miles) west of Buenos Aires, the national capital.) In the car were subcommissioner Galician David, municipal officer Jose Corna and Sgt. Pilar Radel of the Telen police. As they drove out of town "an enormous light" descended from the sky and took up position behind their car.

"It was a light, an enormous and ovoidal light, in a bright orange color and emitting a shaft of light that illuminated the car's windows and the trees along the highway," Sr. David reported. The UFO accompanied the car during the 13-kilometer (7-mile) drive to Victoria. The UFO flew east with them "in the direction of Victoria and, after that, it headed to the south and went into the hills," Sgt. Radel reported. The UFO did not interfere with the radio. The trio used the radio to get in touch with the police in Telen and in Santa Rosa, the provincial capital, 175 kilometers (105 miles) to the south, describing the UFO in detail as they drove along.


1997 Jan 12 - Puerto Rico - Former Officer Witnesses UFO Cattle Mutilation
Former Police Officer 'Piedro Viera' was driving in the small hours when he saw a large circular object coming from the direction of the El Yunque Rain Forest, then hovering above some cows in a pasture. A blue-green conical beam of light came down from the craft and engulfed two cows, one of which was levitated towards the craft. The cow vanished suddenly when it was about 5 feet from the underside.

Then the craft began to move lowly away. Viera was about to follow the craft when a black 4x4 pickup came along and two men dressed in black clothes ordered him to say where he was for at least ten minutes. The men followed the craft. After 15 minutes, Viera set off in the same direction and found a cow lying the side of the road, which had apparently been dropped because two of its legs were badly broken. The cow had also been mutilated.

(Timothy Good, Unearthly Disclosure, pg 257-258)
(Timothy Good, Alien Base, pg 397)

1997 - Puerto Rico - UFOs Suspended Over US Navy Airstrip
Summer, 9pm
... ...
The Director of the Vieques Municipal Police, Officer Wilfredo Feliciano, disclosed a series of important observations he had experienced. His first sighting took place during the summer of 1997, at around 9 P.M. Feliciano was driving his car on Route 997, which runs from the Esperanza sector to Isabel II. At the intersection of a place known as Marta’s Alley, he became aware of an intense yellow light hanging motionless in the sky some distance away. Intrigued, he parked the car at the left edge of the road to observe the light more carefully.

“It was a real big triangular object,” he stated, “completely engulfed in a bright yellow light ... It seemed to be at an altitude of about 500 feet above the ground, over property belonging to Camp García. I calculated the altitude based on the height of some trees in the area. What intrigued me the most was that the thing was suspended right over the area where the US Navy has an airstrip or runway for their planes to land and take off ... And that it was an unidentified flying object.

“There were no military exercises at the time, so what was that object, that triangle of light, doing there over the runway? Thinking that I was observing something I shouldn’t be seeing, I left the site at once. But from that moment on, I realized something very strange is taking place on the land controlled by the US Navy. Some days later, my wife told me that she saw a similar object, also at night, suspended over the exact same place where I had seen the object — over Camp García’s runway. The next weekend, as we were driving to her mother’s home, we saw another triangle. This time our sons were with us in the car; they saw it too.”

Feliciano and his family observed the object from a distance of two miles, and even from that distance, they described its size to be three to four feet in length, which indicates the object was very large. He also stated that, as part of his duties with the municipal police, he had to patrol the land west of Vieques, at the time still under US Navy control. On many occasions he witnessed brightly lit UFOs emerging from the sea in the Punta Arenas area, flying away at great speed into the night sky. Often the objects would make several fast turns before leaving the area.

“This has happened on many occasions, sometimes between 9 and 11 PM, and sometimes around 2 or 3 in the morning. They come out from the sea at a spot right in the middle of Punta Arenas and Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Ceiba.”


1995 Sept - Puerto Rico - Officer Shoots Chupacabras at Point-blank
Campo Rico, 23:10

Agent Juan Vasquez of the Cannovas Police Department

Agent Juan Callazo Vasquez was sleeping in his home when he was awoken by the sound of his car alarm. Dressing and arming himself, he proceded outside to find his dog in the grips of a creature described as "something like a kangaroo, with an oval-shaped snout. It was about three feet in height. ... it had oval-shaped eyes," a description consistent with a mystery creature known as "El Chupacabras".

Vasquez shot the creature, which squealed and rolled itself up into a ball. The creature sprung back up and departed. A pool of blood and hair remained which was examined by police forensics. Samples were also taken by researcher Jorge Martin, who, having submitted the samples to doctors, reported unusual levels of magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and potasium, as well as an unusual proportion of albumin to globulin "not compatible with human or known terrestrial animal species." The dog became quite ill, agressive, and was taken away.

(Timothy Good, Unearthly Disclosure, pgs 271- 274)

1992 Apr 1 - Costa Rica - Police Car Stalled During UFO Blackout

An incident similar to one in 1980 occurred during another power blackout on April 1, 1992. According to Carlos Vilchez, who investigated the case, “from 35 to 40 police cars described something they were observing from different points of view; there was a blackout and there was also one stalled police car when the object flew above it.” Although no official documents were released, several police officers described to the media a large, multi-colored domed disc seen in the sky during the blackout. The Costa Rican Electrical Institute (ICE) officially denied the UFO was responsible for the power failure.

(Antonio Huneeus, August 1996 issue of the Japanese newsstand magazine Borderland)
(Costa Rica UFO Dossier – Pt 2, 11 Feb, 2011, OpenMinds.TV, openminds.tv/costa-rica-ufo-dossier-%E2%80%93-pt-2)

1992 Mar 5 - Brazil - Military Policeman Abducted
Palhano, Brazil
... ...
6:30 PM. A military policeman reportedly saw a domed disc shaped object land nearby. Five 4-½ foot tall humanoids emerged and took him inside the craft. After 5 hours he is returned back to the abduction site. The beings communicated with him and told him they are "Catadorians." No other information.

(UBPDV 1992 - Uniao Brasileira para Pesquisa de Discos Voadores)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1992fullrep.htm)

1991 Jul 7 - Mexico - Police Photo Glowing Red UFO
Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico
... ...
A glowing red UFO with lights was taken by the Puebla Judicial Police after they were called out on a call from residents of an unknown object in the area.

(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1991fullrep.htm)

1991 - Puerto Rico - Two Officers Witness Alien Creature
Several alien creatures were witnessed strolling down the road in El Yunque. The witnesses included former police officer Luis Torres, along with two colleague police officers and their wives. They were speaking a wierd gibberish. They were around four feet high, thin, dressed in close-fitting greenish-grey clothes. They had long arms that extended to about their knees. Their heads were large, slanted, big at the top and small below, sort of egg-shapped. They had big dark eyes, black, and somewhat protruding from the face. Their necks were very thin, almost no nose, nor mouth.

When Torres produced his revolver, the beings seemed to sense this and moved off at a quickened pace. Similar accounts were related by others in the area.

(Timothy Good, Unearthly Disclosure, pg 278)
(Timothy Good, Alien Base, pg 389-390)

Unknown - Puerto Rico - Puerto Rican Police Observe USO Disk
... ...
Witnesses were looking toward the sea and saw a black disk come out the water with pulsating red and orange lights. It flashed it lights heading north and strait up and out of site in about 15 seconds. Some other persons like the Puerto Rico Police Department also viewed the incident, and reported to his headquarters. The USO was tracked for four days by the carrier group, with the object moving at impossible speeds before stopping - reports were sent to CINCLANT (Commander-in-Chief Atlantic Command), but no determination was made as to the nature of the unidentified craft.


1980 mid-January - Costa Rica - Police Experience Electromagnetic Effects During UFO Wave

The San José metropolitan area was hit by a powerful UFO wave in mid-January 1980. Official documents from the Ministry of Public Security, obtained by the Vilchez brothers, acknowledged that engines and radio equipment of police cars malfunctioned during the UFO sightings. A signed report by Sergeant Elias Sibaja to Col. Marino Donato, director of the Costa Rican Radio Patrol Unit, described the incident. Sgt. Sibaja was on his patrol shift in the suburban city of Desamparados at 1:35 a.m. on January 17, 1980 when, he wrote in his report, “the car engine stopped and the lights went off; suddenly I saw many multi-colored lights and was able to observe through the windshield a gigantic disc, from which came all the lights; with great astonishment, I realized that it was an unidentified flying object which stopped over us for several seconds and then continued west, searching the side of Alajuelita.” Only after the UFO reached a certain distance from the car did the radio function and Sgt. Sibaja was able to communicate with other units. “Seconds later the engine worked again and several police vehicles reported they were seeing those lights on the hills of San Jesucito de Alajuelita,” continued Sibaja’s report, “so the task of locating such craft was undertaken by all the vehicles, but it was impossible to achieve. A strong interference was heard on the [radio] network.”

At 2:30 a.m. on January 19, police Captain Daniel Arias saw an object in the sky 300 meters above the ground, with intermittent green, yellow and blue lights. The whole country was affected by a power blackout shortly after midnight on January 21. Another memo by a police Sergeant reported that during the blackout, “I observed an unidentified flying object in space, a very powerful beam of light descending towards the ground.”

Yet another police officer from Belén informed his precinct had received that night a report from a “Mr. Rodriguez, who saw the descent of a luminous object with flashing white and red colored beams; the light was so strong that it didn’t leave a shadow and illuminated everything totally. The object had a crackling noise, making noise as it emitted these beams; it was like turning on a TV set without the image and noise on the screen, but it was a strong noise. Mr. Rodriguez was coming from Puntarenas and his truck lights went off about 100 meters from his house.” Other witnesses saw the phenomenon too, and the police officer added that experts from “the power plants in Belén were unable to explain the blackout since everything was working perfectly.”

(Antonio Huneeus, August 1996 issue of the Japanese newsstand magazine Borderland)
(Costa Rica UFO Dossier – Pt 2, 11 Feb, 2011, OpenMinds.TV, openminds.tv/costa-rica-ufo-dossier-%E2%80%93-pt-2)

1979 May 5 - Brazil - Two Officers Experience EM Effects from UFO
Pampulhas, Minas Gerais
... ...
On the night of May 5, 1979, an object with portholes landed in a field in Pampulhas, Minas Gerais, Brazil for 90 seconds. The witnesses were two police officers, who reported that the encounter caused EM effects on their vehicle. The ground was lit brightly, and figures could be seen looking out through portholes in the craft. It took off vertically at great speed.

(Sources: Jane Thomas, UFO News clipping Service, July 1979, p. 14; MUFON UFO Journal, November 1979, p. 11, citing Cronica May 5, 1979; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, p. 258)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1979fullrep.htm)

1978 May 6 - Bolivia - UFO Crashes Near Argentinian Border
El Taire on the Bermejo River.
An alleged UFO crash took place in Bolivia on May 6, 1978. At about 4:14pm, something slammed into a mountain near El Taire on the Bermejo River, very close to the Argentinian border. It caused a supersonic bang that was heard up to 150 miles away and cracked windows within a radius of thirty miles. Argentinian border police searched for wreckage that might have fallen in their territory. Corporal Natalio Farfan Ruiz, who led an Argentinian border police unit, said the object "made the earth tremble" as it passed over. On May 14 it was reported that the object had been found. The police chief of the Bolivian city of Tarija said "our men have discovered the object and inspected it, but have received no instructions for further action. It is a dull metallic cylinder, twelve feet long with a few dents. No one knows what is inside it, and we are awaiting the arrival various technical commissions. A NASA expert is also expected to arrive tomorrow morning." No one from NASA arrived, but the USAF did.

(UFOs and the National Security State, Volume 2 – The Coverup Exposed, Richard Dolan, Pg 178.)

1977 - Puerto Rico - Mayaquez UFO Incident
... ...
Mayagüez Police Lieutenant Cesar Grácia watched unusual objects most of the night. Other fishermen were on the shore that night, he said, but the police wouldn’t let them go out in boats to investigate because of possible danger. “But the fishermen said very clearly they had no intention of going out there for any reason."

Grácia, who was in charge of the police shift that night, said he watched the objects off and on from about nine o'clock until one in the morning. He was in a patrol car by himself when he first noticed one of the lights. “I saw something in the sky that I didn't know what it was,” Grácia said. “It was over Highway Two about fifteen hundred feet, a large, lighted ball about six feet in diameter. It was going toward the beach very slowly.”

He was headed for the Mayagüez Hilton Hotel in the hills on the north side of the city at the time and he continued on to the hotel. “I was in the parking lot of the Hilton when they called me from the police department,” Grácia said. “They told me to go to the beach because a great many people were watching this object.

“When I got there, the object was already hovering over the water about two or three miles off the beach. There were about five hundred people watching. There are about four public housing areas right there and all the people from the housing areas were there. I saw one light coming down but when I got to the beach I noticed there were two objects in the water, not together but about a mile away from each other. They were hovering over the water, right about at the water level. Because of the distance I couldn’t tell if it was a few feet over the water or if they were actually touching the water. The first object stayed about an hour but the second one lasted at least four hours.


1973 Aug 10 - Colombia - Officer Amoung Witnesses To Tiny Humanoid
Ibagué, Colombia
... ...
Four grade-school students and a policeman saw four small humanoids beneath a bridge. The beings were only 20 cm tall and disappeared when the witnesses approached. "Traces" were left in mud and later photographed. (Ref. 5)

(CHR, Catalog of Humanoid Reports, David Webb)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1973fullrep.htm)

1971 Sep 24 - Chile - UFO Approaches Police Car
Caleta Buena, Tocopilla, Antofagasta, Chile.
... ...
Witnesses report a UFO changing directions at 'great speed'. A police report describes the object as having 'an approximate diameter of 20 meters, with a helicopter-like cabin totally lit and with sections like windows' - other reports from separately located witnesses also sound quite similar and describe 'a sort of rectangular building with many windows' and 'an artificially constructed object with intermittent lights and round windows like a ship’s porthole'.

After being witnessed by over a dozen people and exhibiting EM effects on a police patrol car, several officers pursued the object to the coast where one shot at it with his rifle. The UFO then reportedly moved 'extremely fast' in the direction of the officers and 'illuminated the area like daytime'. It was last seen by the entire crew of the fishing vessel “Martín Pescador" where it circled around the ship before submerging into the ocean.

(APRO Bulletin, Mar.- Apr.1972 [E,R])
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1971fullrep.htm, "Luminous oval with dome approached police car.")

1968 Aug 18 - Puerto Rico - 16 Security Police Witness UFO
Borinquen Beach, Ramey AFB, 2:30 a.m.,
... ...
An interesting incident in Puerto Rico took place on August 18, 1968, at 2:30 a.m. at Ramey AFB, and involves Sgt. Thomas Carulli, who signed a statement for APRO. The statement, which was obtained through APRO Field Investigator John R. Artie, an Air Force member now stationed at Beale AFB in California, goes as follows:

"At approximately August 18, 1968, at approximately 2:30 a.m., off Borinquen Beach, Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, fifteen other security policemen and myself observed what was believed to be known as an unidentified flying object. Visibility was unlimited. The UFO seemed to be rising from the ocean but when first seen it was appearing to be at a 45-degree angle above the surface and rising. While also rising it seemed to yaw to its sides emitting a very bright, almost florescent light which was similar to that of an unblinking strobe light. [as printed-CF] ward from within its structures. The reason why it seemed this way was because there appeared to be struts or bars or (you could say) window panes. These struts were verticle (sic) and there were about six of them. They reminded me of the crown on the Statue of Liberty but their greatest width seemed to be in their center.

"When it reached its zenith, which in itself appeared to be no more than 1500 ft. off the ground, it lingered there for a few minutes; all the while it emitted thin light which lit up the whole area which before was in complete darkness. It was circular or sphere-like, more like if you held only your fingertips and your wrists together not letting the palms of your hands touch, in fact, if you would do this with your hands and turn your hands to your face with the fingers at eye level this is what the UFO most nearly looked like.

"Its size was close to a half-dollar at arm's length. It emitted no sound. Lights around us didn't dim either. While in its zenith the UFO seemed to pulsate and fluxed from side to side or wobbled. Then another orb of light came from it. This was a light about the size of a dime held at arm's length. It stayed by the side of the first UFO, then it too fluxed or wobbled and shot straight upwards until it was nearly invisible. Then it just seemed to hang there almost indistinguishable from the other stars. After two or three more minutes passed, the first UFO wobbled, turned on its side and darted upwards and outwards in a north-north-westerly direction until it disappeared. This whole spectacular phenomenon took about 12-17 minutes in its entirety."

(The APRO Bulletin, November/December 1970, pp. 6-7)
(UFOCAT PRN – 90439; UFOCAT URN – 090439 The APRO Bulletin, November/December 1970, pp. 6-7 (Above); UFOCAT URN – NONE Manifiesto OVNI by Sebastian Robiou L., p. 192-3, UFOCAT URN – 178846 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # 08467 )

1968 Jul 16 - Argentina - National Police See Flying Disk
Andacollo, Argentina
... ...
National police officers saw disc with blue light nearby, moving slowly.

(Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, Supplement 18; see Rodeghier, 1981, pp. 41[E] jeep)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1968fullrep.htm)

1968 Jun 16 - Argentina - Police Chief and Major Witness UFO
El Choro, Argentina
... ...
Night. Chief of Provincial Police German Rocha and Police Major Niceforo Leon observed a round object with a vivid blue light. It landed, left a strange, powerful odor, and burned grass and shrubs.

(Magonia #909)
(FSR 68, 5)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1968fullrep.htm)

1967 Jun 24 - Argentina - Policia Watch UFOs in Formation
Paso de los Libres, Argentina
... ...
At 10:00 pm in Paso de los Libres, policemen saw 8-10 bright lights that flew in formation over a military post at an estimated 15,000 feet altitude.

(La Voz Del Interior 6/26/67, NICAP files.)
(NICAP, nicap.org/waves/1967fullrep.htm)

1965 May 24 - Argentina - Officers Respond To See Flying Saucer Resting On Hill
Paso De Las Carretas

Hunters saw through binoculars an object resembling an upside-down plate, very luminous, with a red light on top, flying in circles and landing on a hilltop. The Lujan police sent a patrol, which found a large metallic object resting on a hill, but they could not approach the object before it took off, because of the difficult terrain. (Magonia)

1962 Aug 1 - Argentina - Police Driving To UFO Scene Report Landed Craft

A truck driver and two other men reported that they observed two powerful lights. They lost sight of the lights but moments later saw a craft on the ground 150 meters to the side of the road. It took off at high speed when illuminated by the headlights. Farther away, two objects maneuvered above the road leading to La Bajada.

As the police were driving to the scene, they saw one of the craft on the ground near Loma Brava.


1960 May 24 - Venezuela - Police See UFO Land
Ocumare del Tuy, Venezuela
... ...
Several doctors, a topographer and policemen saw three UFOs, in line formation, which landed in a heavily wooded area on a hilltop. A diamond-shaped scorched marking found at landing site.

(NICAP, The UFO Evidence, VIII)
(NICAP, http://www.nicap.org/waves/1960fullrep.htm)