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Australian Police UFO Witnesses 1970-1989

1988 Feb 8 [SA] Response Confirms Rising Light
Port Augusta (12.4km NNW of Highway 87) 2340hrs Wits:6 NL

Police responded to a report of a UFO and they witnessed a growing very bright white light and appearing to rise 2-3 degrees before disappearing.

(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 “Unusual Aerial Sightings” 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)
(*South Australian UFO Reports Listing, Keith Basterfield, 12 Nov 2004)

1984 Oct 20 [WA] Complaint of Strange Lights
Perth(31:57, 115:51) CE2


A resident called to complain that he had seen a cone-shaped light.

Two police constables investigated and noted strange lights and found that their car radio failed.

(The OZ Files, Bill Chalker, pg 81)
(*UFOs: a report on Australian encounter, Keith Basterfield, pg 232)

1983 Jul 22 [VIC] Two Constables, Sgt & Cheif Inspector
Rockbank/Melton(37:49,144:58) 0040hrs Wits: 4 Officers


Constables Peter Furguson and Raymond Ellens were on patrol about two kilometers east of Melton At 12:40am when they sighted a bright stationary light over the centre of the town. As they approached, they saw that it consisted of two white lights. As they drew to within five hundred meters of it, the object turned west and hovered directly above the Melton regional shopping centre. The constables parked their vehicle by the shopping centre and got out to have a better look. They judged the lights to be only some sixty meters above them. By shining their spotlight on the object, they revealed a tail section which seemed to resemble tubular framework, with a fin to the rear. There were two bright white lights at the front with a single red light at the rear. The object then flew off to the south-east, making an unfamilar low-pitched, humming sound. They notified the police regional office and Air Traffic Control and Tullamarine airport who only confirmed that there were no known aircraft in the area. After gaining height to about 150 meters, the object moved off in a wide arc of Melton. The policemen followed it as it went northwards then it was lost to sight over the horizon. Shortly afterwards they picked it up again as they were traveling north on the Melton-Gibson road.

They checked out the local airfield with no positive results. While they were doing so they saw at ground level, behind some properties, two lights similar to those seen on the object. They approached that area only to see the object in the sky moving to the south-east. At this point they received advice that the Tullamarine Air Traffic Control had seen the object momentarily on radar. The Police Air Wing were contacted but did not have an aircraft available. The constables visually tracked the object and at 2.40am it again appeared to be on the ground at a location which they attended. It was then lost to view until 4:30am when they were again at the shopping centre. The object was some sixty meters up, and when they shone their spotlight at it, it left to the south-east. They followed the object, this time with more lights visible than previously, until about 6am. By 6:10am at dawn the object was not sighted again. Their written report stated that over time it flew in a triangular pattern bounded by Melton, Rockbank, Sydenham and Diggers Rest, generally moving in an anti-clockwise path at heights between sixty and five hundred meters up. The night was clear with a three-quarter moon above the horizon until 3:00am. After 3:00am breezes swept in from the North-West and partial cloud set in, but at a height above the object.

Sergeant Barry Harman and Chief Inspector Hickman also sighted the object above the shopping centre. The sergeant’s description was of two large, round, white lights, very similar to those on a motor vehicle, about forty centimeters in diameter and 3.5 meters apart, which approached the police station at a height of some 100 to 150 meters. It then passed over a street some 200 meters to the south of him. He said it resembled an inflatable life raft, approximately twelve meters long, with rounded sides, and a shallow body some two meters deep. A red flashing light was in the centre of the underside. No wings or tail were visible, nor was there a noise of a helicopter or an aircraft. The sound Sergeant Harman heard reminded him of a very soft wind sound. On the rear of the object were two white lights, closer together and smaller than the ones to the front. It moved off to the east towards Rockbank. Its speed was estimated at seventy-five kilometers per hour. Despite an investigation by both police and the media and reports to the RAAF, no official mundane explanation was given.

The Army signal unit was alerted that their security had been breached. Earlier the object had briefly appeared on Tullamarine radar. The officers had also sighted the object on the ground near a paddock at the rear of the Toolern Vale Stud. Ellens and Ferguson inspected the paddocks in the area but could find nothing. At one stage there seem to be an apparent "backing up" of the UFO when a collision seemed imminent with the Rockbank aerial array. The slow speed involved while it seemed to be chasing the police at times and the curious aspect of the UFO seeming to "crash land" at one point and seemingly disappear into the ground make the case especially perlexing. Investigation suggested the crash was not a "dead ground" effect, but as if the object had been "absorbed" into the ground, and that possibly two objects were involved. The intelligence world was highly reactive because the Rockbank site was an Australian Signal Intelligence facility, where Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) monitoring occurs as part of our UKUSA SIGINT intelligence alliance. The site is linked with the nearby Watsonia facility which has direct satellite communications with the NSA and CIA. One might infer that the Melton UFO showed clear intent in its intrusion at the DSD Rockbank aerial array.

(RAAF File AF84/3265 PART 2)
(*UFOs: a report on Australian encounters, Keith Basterfield, pgs 84-86, 231, ”Copy of Police Reports”)
(Channel 7 News)
(Project 1947)
(John Auchettl, VUFORS)

1979 Aug 20 [TAS] Ex-constable Harassed by UFO
Hatfield(41:33,145:36) 2128hrs CE2


A 31-year-old ex-police constable was driving towards Devenport when a green light appeared behind her vehicle, lighting the interior and casting a green glow through the car, but not the surrounding countryside. She attempted to accelerate but the car did not respond by speeding up but decreased speed to fifty kilometres per hour. There was a loss of brake power, loss of engine power and the clock had stopped. She changed down gears to no avail and the light remained the same height and distance from the car for some eight kilometres then the light vanished and the vehicle returned to practical normality but there was an abnormally high usage of petrol for the trip.

(UFOs: a report on Australian encounters, Keith Basterfield, 1981, 1997, pg 224)

1979-82 [NT] UFOs Frequent Katherine

Two civilians in 1979 near Katherine, NT, reported seeing a “space ship” hovering 100-120m above a remote road. Then, in 1982, “the couple, in a caravan, after awakening from sleep noted an unusual smell. The caravan was filled with a light green mist. A bedside clock was showing an incorrect time. A black footprint also was found on a shower wall at a height of 76 centimetres and was the man’s footprint. How it got there is unknown.”

The RAAF report continues, “The Katherine area has been the source of several recent UAS [Unusual Aerial Sighting] reports from reliable observers. The most recent, which is still under investigation by this unit, was originated by a mature experienced NT Police Air Wing pilot. The second observer was a police officer from Katherine. Other police personnel from Katherine have also experienced, but not officially reported, UAS events.”

(RAAF Darwin 5/4/AIR part 6/7)
(*UFOlogist Vol. 10 #4, pg 47, Revelations, Keith Basterfield, AURA)

1978 Jan/Oct - [VIC] Officers Witness To Valentich UFOs
Cape Otway

Many people reported UFOs on the same day and during the night of Valentich's disappearance. Some 15 or more distinct sightings survived civilian organisation investigations, all occurring between midday and 9pm October 21st. Six occurred in Victoria, one on King Island, and the rest in New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia.

A series of photos taken out over Bass Strait by Roy Manifold, a plumber on holidays at Crayfish Bay, near Apollo Bay, only some 20 minutes before Valentich began describing his encounter, revealed something unusual. His fourth photo showed what looked like a dense "black lump" in the water, suggesting something rising from the water. The sixth shows a mass situated in the sky directly over the position of the anomaly in the fourth photo, which looks like an object caught in flight with a possible exhaust or trail. Film faults and processing defects were ruled out. The RAAF suggested a cumulus cloud breaking up, but the timing of the exposures would have required the cloud to have moved into view at a speed of up to 200 mph.

Areas in the vicinity of the the Valentich incident have precedents for UFO activity - Cape Otway (his last land call), Bass Strait (the apparent location of his disappearance) and King Island (his apparent destination). During a two month period around January 1978, holiday makers, fishermen, school teachers, local police and lighthouse keepers in the Cape Otway area reported seeing UFOs. During July, 1977, local residents and the lighthouse keeper at Cape Otway, saw an inexplicable brilliant light source, that hovered out to sea for half an hour.

(PoliceUFO.com, Disappearances Valentich)
(Project1947, forum)
(theozfiles, ufos subrosa)
(theozfiles, blogspot)

1976 Jul [NSW] Fed Hushes Airport Witnesses
Sydney(Airport) PM Wits:Many DD

‘John’ was with the Federal Police in a small unit based at Sydney Airport when on a clear warm day he was ordered to the observation deck where everyone was watching a silver disc about 30 feet in diameter hover over the Number 1 runway, about halfway down the strip … All air traffic was given the "circle at current height, do not approach" message while it slowly moved over the runway about 20-30 feet from the ground, "500 yards from us" … for around 10-15 minutes, then shot straight up and disappeared.

John was ordered to man the phone for public UFO enquiries, which were re-routed to him, noting names and addresses for two days. Then he was ordered to visit the callers and convince them that they were mistaken. His boss then denied everything and made silencing threats. As an aside, the informant also describes suspicious activities at the Pine Gap research facility, involving large numbers of security personnel.

(MysticalUniverse.com - defunct, UFO Sightings Australia, Kiama NSW, 17 Aug 2003)

1975 [NSW] Cigar Craft Over Empire Bay
Empire Bay c.2100-2200hrs Wits:2 NO


A strange light that appeared to be a white cylindrical object with a row of yellow portholes was reported by a civilian. It made no noise, and it looked like a Jumbo jet because of the lights on it. It appeared to be stationary, but was moving slowly which gave the impression that it was a Jumbo jet going to crash. It was approximately 45 meters (150 feet) above the neighbour’s house. It disappeared below the tree line. The object was also sighted by an off-duty police officer over the Saratoga-Davis area the same night.

(The Gosford Files – UFOs over the New South Wales Central Coast, pg 66-67, Moira & Bryan Dicksen, INUFOR, 1996)

1974-1976 [NSW] Airbase Watches UFOs Play
Nowra Pre-dawn-8am Wits:15+ DO

‘John’, before he joined the SA police, along with other on-base RAN Airwing members, saw about six objects flying at a rapid speed in an easterly direction in clear weather, near-supersonic but silent, and often changing direction without slowing down, mostly teardrop in shape but changing shape and reflecting the first rays of the sun, swooping down to about treetop level then up again for about 10 minutes. They later slowed down to helicopter speed in a wheel formation. The UFOs then broke formation, shooting high into the sky then returning in an erratic falling motion, until they eventually left the area. Other strange happenings were also rumoured in the area.

(Disclosed to PoliceUFO.com, 3/1/2012)
(MysticalUniverse.com - defunct, UFO Sightings Australia, reported by ‘John H.’, Adelaide, SA, 20 Oct 2003)

1974 Mar 17 [SA] Sleepy Cop Not Fazed By Star
Burra 0030hrs Wits:2M NL

While travelling in a Ford Falcon sedan, two young men observed a big round, yellow/green light stationary near the top of a hill. They stopped the car to watch. After a minute or so it seemed to come towards them so they tried to start the car, but it would not respond. Again they tried the ignition system. The ignition light came on but the engine still wouldn’t start. Finally after holding the key on for thirty seconds the engine started. They left the area but stated that the light seemed to follow them all the way into Burra. They woke a policeman who looked at the object and declared it was just a star. Investigation suggested an astronomical explanation for the object.

(*South Australian UFO Reports Listing, Keith Basterfield, as at 12 November 2004)
[*Police files are exempt from disclosure under section 18(1) of the FOI act, Basterfield FIO Request 18 Aug 2003 to SA Police, response Sep 2003]

1972 [NSW] Officers Tailed In Blue Mountains
Wentworth Falls/Lawson Night

Two police officers were driving along the Great Western Highway coming from Wentworth Falls and heading in the direction of Lawson. As they proceeded down Bodington Hill they sighted in the starry sky ahead of them a bright silvery object approaching earth ahead of them. The object appeared to be heading in their direction and they slowed down. The object lit up the surrounding area as it passed over their vehicle. No other cars were in sight as the constables picked up speed and headed off down the road. However, they soon became aware that the mysterious craft was still keeping pace with their vehicle, which it did for some distance. The officers could detect a humming sound above them, then the glow fades as the mysterious object gave up the chase. By now other cars appeared on the highway as the officers stopped their car and got out to try to get a better look at whatever the strange object was, but whatever it was, it had vanished from sight. The two policemen decided never to discuss their experience for fear of the ridicule but came forward after similar incidents were reported by locals in Lawson.

(Rex Gilroy, mysteriousaustralia.com/strangephenomenono.html)

1970 Sep 8 [SA] Officers Marvel At Maneuvers
Mt. Muirhead c.2140hrs Wits:6 4xFennell + Officers Witcombe & Dennett NO

An object glowing red and white was seen by Peter and Gwen Fennell and their two children while driving down Mt Muirhead. The children thought it might be a kite and the object seemed to be over pine trees at the airport, but then rose and headed towards the sea. Police were informed at 9.40pm 8/9/70. Constables F M P Witcombe and A R Dennett both witnessed the object perform aerial maneuvers for about 30 minutes.

(South Eastern Times newspaper, 10 Sep 1970)
(*South Australian UFO Reports Listing, Keith Basterfield, 12 Nov 2004)