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US Police UFO Witnesses 2010-2019

2012 Nov 7 - Officers Watch 7 Light Orbs For 2 Minutes
Wasilla, Susitna Delta, Alaska, 19:45hrs

The National UFO Reporting Center received a report from a police officer, summised as follows: "On the way home from work at approximately 1940-1945 hours, I observed six bright stationary orbs in the sky to the north/north east of Wasilla, Alaska, as I drove north on a dark rural paved road. The objects appeared approximately three times the size of a planet such as Venus when seen in the dark night sky. The lights were not directly overhead but rather part way up on the horizon. Tonight the air was very cold and clear and all stars are visible clearly. The air temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees with very low humidity. The objects were orange in color and circular in shape.

"I called a coworker who was.driving the same road in the same area and he said he was attempting to film the objects on his smart phone. ... When I observed the lights/orbs, there appeared to be small red lights that would fall quickly off the objects traveling directly toward the ground in a straight line. The red lights would dim and go out in 3 to 5 seconds time. A description was like red hot slag that could be seen falling off a hotter orange main orb. I observed this on the majority of six orbs but not on all of them.

"At this time I noticed that nearly every vehicle on the two lane highway headed in the northerly direction had stopped and citizens were observing what I was. ... I noticed that no cars traveling south were stopping, only those traveling north.

"Four of the objects were aligned in a nearly straight vertical line with nearly equal distance of spacing. Two more of the orange orbs were slightly off to the east of the vertical four or to the right side as I headed north. Next, I turned off the highway onto a gravel road that headed west and parked my vehicle. I turned off the vehicle and all lights I had on. I exited the vehicle and looked to the north, I could no longer see the orange lights or orbs. To the south west/ west I could see one orange orb traveling in a southwestward/westward direction. I would estimate it was approximately 50 to 70 miles from my position and very high in altitude compared to normal flight patterns. If I was to estimate, I would say it was at 70,000 feet or higher altitude moving at a slow yet constant velocity. The rate of travel was approximately twice as fast as a normal satalite that you observe traveling in orbit across the night sky.

"I called a coworker located 20 miles to the southwest of my position and the orb dimmed and disappeared a few seconds later before he could go out to observe it. The whole event lasted less than two minutes from the time I observed it until the last orb disappeared from the cloudless sky unobstructed by mountains or any other objects sans the stars. When I exited my vehicle when it was turned off, there were no sounds. No rotor noises, prop noises no jet engine turban sounds. Whatever the orbs were they were silent as I observed them and at no time did I see any navigation strobes or red/green navigation lights. I have no explanation for what I saw. I have observed metopes, satellites , military night rocket launches, aerial search and illumination flares and many things but none of these were like what I observed tonight, November 7, 2012 to the north east and south/ southwest of Wasilla, Alaska.

(National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report, Reported: 11/8/2012 12:13:54 AM 00:13, Posted: 11/19/2012, nuforc.org)

2012 Oct 23 - Police Spot Colourful UFO Lights Over Illinois

According to the Monroe County Independent, a Hecker resident spotted a unidentified flying object northeast of Hecker, IL on Tuesday just after 7pm. County police patrolled the area near Paderborn. Officers say the object remained stationary and twinkled with red, green, blue and orange light.

The Monroe County Independent reported on its Facebook page that the witness saw the light hovering just over the horizon. They said the light would shift colors (red, green, blue and orange) and appeared to be stationary. Deputies from Monroe and St. Clair counties responded to the area and reported seeing the same light. After 8 p.m., a second object was spotted over the Freeburg area. Witnesses said the second object was similar in shape and size and also shifted colors from orange, red, blue and green.

Scott Air Force Base did not report any aircraft flying in the area. News 4 showed photos of the lights to experts at the James S. McDonnell Planetarium in St. Louis. They suspect the first light was the star Capella and the second was Jupiter moving slowly over the hour.


2012 Jun 25 - LAPD Police Witness On Video Watch UFOs Over LA
Los Angeles

On Jun 25 2012, Robert Bingham 'summoned' and filmed a UFO over Los Angeles. Cameras were also taping witnesses when officers of the Los Angeles Police Department stopped to also observe the UFO.

(Video by Joe Rodriguez)
(Third Phase Of Moon)

2012 Jul 12 - LAPD Police Helicopter Surveys UFOs

Youths in Los Angeles filmed what appeared to be UFOs being surveyed by a police helicopter.

(Third Phase Of Moon)

2012 Jan 12 - Police Car Caught "Meteor" On Tape
Little River, Texas

Officers of the Little River Academy Police Department caught a mysterious flying object on vehicle camera on Jan 12 2012. Largely dismissed as a meteor, the object is clearly too slow to be a meteor, has no metoritic tail, and is not any suffering any evident atmospheric entry decay.

Disclose.tv - Policecar Cought "Meteor" On Tape 2012


2011 Dec 17 - Police Officers Witness Large Glowing Orange UFO Over Florida
Miami, Florida, Post midnight.

A Miama Police officer made contact with UFO researcher Brian Vike and made a UFO sighting report. The officer states that he was working the midnight shift and heard over the police radio that there was an orange object in the sky near the moon. It was advised to be on the east side of the city near the moon, in the Doral/Miami Springs area. He searched for about 3 minutes and didnít find anything but when he turned my vehicle and went west, he saw the object.

He described it as a big orange glowing object. which was seen for several seconds before it desappeared. When he got on the radio the original officer who advised of it, advised that he saw it again. The reporting officer ruled out explanations such as plane, helicopter or balloon, and claims to haave the radio transmissions recorded.


2011 Dec 2 - Police Officer Spots UFO At Tree Tops
Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database reveals a Missouri police officer. He reports a "round object with very bright, white lights" that hovered just above the tree tops, according . The officer was on-duty at the time and was at the intersection of 291 Highway and 150 Highway when the object was noticed to the west.

"It would take a baseball held at arm's length to cover the object," the officer stated. "The white lights had a blue hue to them and all of the lights were on the bottom of the craft. The lights were strobing, and there was no sound whatsoever. It was a clear night with no cloud cover, and the object was very low, just above treetop level. ... I watched as it hovered, and filmed it with the dash cam on my patrol car for approximately 15 minutes, then finally turned the camera off because I didn't want to use up memory on the camera. I called dispatch, who got a good laugh out of it, but they wouldn't take me seriously. I requested a copy of the video when I arrived at the station and will forward that to MUFON when I get it."

The officer was able to capture the object with a dashboard cam - although the video was not submitted with the original report.

(Roger Marsh, National ufo Examiner, examiner.com/ufo-in-national/missouri-ufo-police-officer-spots-round-object-at-tree-tops)

2011 Oct 18 - UFO Spotted Over Ocean Shores By Civilians And Police

The Mutual UFO Network is investigating reports of a UFO spotted over Ocean Shores, Wash., Tuesday night. Around 8:15 p.m. several people reported seeing a glowing glob of red light that traveled north along the beach. It paused, then went westbound over the ocean at a high rate of speed before it disappeared. Two Ocean Shores police officers and a couple of civilian witnesses reported seeing the object. Police were investigating whether the object was a radio controlled airplane.


2011 Aug 13 - Three Kentucky witnesses: Round UFO 'moved with the clouds'
Town unknown, Kentucky

According to August 18, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database, a Kentucky man was outside with his dog soon after the sky cleared from severe thunderstorms and was later joined by his wife and a 20-year-old man who was walking through the neighborhood, and reports watching a "A bright, white light that was round - sort of like a flashlight beam - was shining through the clouds close to the Moon," the reporting witness stated. "As the clouds moved the light stayed with them, but it was moving around in no particular pattern. It would move very quickly and stayed with the clouds, it never moved away from the clouds. I noticed that it wouldn't come out into the clear sky and I knew this couldn't be a spotlight because there wasn't any type of leading trail from the light."

"It was a circular light hovering above the clouds moving around in erratic patterns,. No other air traffic was present. ... We live in a very rural area and there are no street lights on the highway adjacent to my house and no aircraft could be seen anywhere. The first thing I did was to look for other aircraft and like I said none was present. I am 51 years old, a retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer (E8). I became a Navy Airwarfare Specialist in 1982 and have seen nearly every modern day aircraft the US Military has in its arsenal. There are no aircraft that I know of that could do what the light did. I am also a retired city/local police officer and I have a total of 27 years of military and civilian law experience."

(Roger Marsh, National ufo Examiner, August 18, 2011, examiner.com/article/three-kentucky-witnesses-round-ufo-moved-with-the-clouds)

2011 Apr 5 - Retired Police Officer Reports Extraterrestrial In Back Yard

A retired Missouri police officer reported to MUFON that a 4-foot-tall humanoid creature was in his backyard while a 50-foot-wide dull, black triangle-shaped object hovered above, according to testimony as follows:

"I was awakened at 3:15 AM this morning by my German Shepard, who came to get me out of bed. She would not stop barking at something in the back yard. She wanted me to go to the back door. As I walked through the kitchen I stopped. I could see a whitish/bluish bright light coming in the window in the door and the back windows. I had never seen any lights like this and thought it must be a helicopter looking for someone. I did not hear any sound, though, and thought that was odd. ... I am a retired police officer and at that point, I felt uneasy, so I went back to the bedroom to got my gun, which is always loaded. I then went back to the kitchen and opened the back door, at that point the light just blinked out. I looked around the yard and looked up where the light was, and saw a very dark dull black triangle shape above me. It had no lights on at that point. The object appeared to measure the width of my yard (50 ft.) just floated there, unmoving. ... I heard a noise towards the back fence and looked in that direction. Then I rmembered my flashlight and went to get it from the kitchen drawer, when I heard a sound in the hallway behind me. It sounded like an animal of some sort (two clicks), so I shined the flashlight there for a few seconds but saw nothing. I then went back out to the back porch and shined the flashlight in the direction of the noise I heard outside and saw a very strange, short (approximaty 4' tall), gray, humanoid looking creature with big eyes standing there looking at me for just a second or two. It just dissapeared - it did not run. Then I looked up and the craft was also gone - I did not see it leave. I stood there, frozen in fear. My dog would not come outside, which is not normal behavior. I am hard to scare after 30 years on the police force. I have FBI training as well and I thought I'd seen everything, but this was not normal at all!

"My first instinct was to call 911 and I went to the phone, but after picking it up, I put it back down. I know everyone at the police department and even though we have received a few reports of UFOs in the past, I knew they would think I have lost my mind. But I haven't. I know what I saw. ... I then locked the entire house up and went to the bedroom, not thinking about the noise I heard in the house before until this morning. My wife was sound asleep and I did not wake her, and I did not tell her about what happened. I thought I was gone only 10 -15 minutes but my clock said 4:46 AM. I don't know what happened to the time! Now this morning I have a red sunburn on my face, neck, and arms like I stayed in the sun way too long. I told my wife that I saw a light outside and went to investigate because she is worried about the sunburn. I may go the Dr. about it if it doesnlt go away, but won't be able to tell him what I saw. I just had to tell someone that this is real and that I'm a 64-year old believer now."

(MUFON Case # 28549)
(Roger Marsh, examiner.com, examiner.com/article/retired-missouri-officer-reports-missing-time-after-alien-encounter)

2011 Jan 2 - Police Officer Witnesses UFO, Burn Marks Left on Ground

A Florida law enforcement officer was out with his dogs at 6:20pm on 2 January 2011, and watched a "glowing metallic sphere" shoot off into the sky from his backyard.

"It went upwards as soon as I opened the sliding rear door and the dogs went out barking ... With no sound, bolted upwards until reaching cloud cover and made a 90-degree angle heading west in a very high rated speed until I could not see it any more into the sky."

"On the ground I noticed two circular marks on the grass itself. Marks are sort of circular burned patches on the ground with a white powdery ash. I am a State of Florida law enforcement officer and a retired Army Infantryman. I have seen it all in the civilian life as well as in combat; and there is nothing like I have seen before."

(MUFON, mufon.com, filed on January 5, 2011.)

2010 Sep 24 - Texas Police Officer Submits UFO Sighting Report
Kennedale, Texas

An on-duty police officer reported to UFOcasebook.com "... I was parked dark and stationary along a road under construction, watching for local burglars that hit the businesses on 4-wheelers by coming in through the woods. I was parked facing south on the west shoulder of 1000 Bowman Springs Rd. in Kennedale, Texas at 02:23. I noticed what first appeared to be a very bright flickering star to the east at about 45 degrees on the horizon. Then I thought it might be a plane. I noticed it move slowly to the left then stop. I took my binoculars from my bag and looked at the object. It was then I could see that what appeared to be flickering were rotating white, blue, and sometimes red lights. The object appeared saucer-like in shape and made no noise. It would hover, then move left, right, and up several times during the duration which lasted 33 minutes. A jet came into the frame also. I could tell the jet because of the shape, the lights, and the headlight out in front. As the jet approached, the object moved away to the left. When the jet passed, the object moved back. There was a bare tree branch in the foreground I used as a reference point, and could clearly see the object move. At times it became bigger, and one other time it moved straight away until barely visible, then came back to where it had been, but bigger. The object seemed to have one bigger, central or top light, with the other lights going around it. I watched this object move around until a low cloud covered it completely from view. When the cloud cover cleared, the object was gone. It WAS NOT a star! It was a full moon with the moon in the west sky.

(ufocasebook.com, ufocasebook.com/2010/kennedaletexas, 10:24am, 9/24/2010, Submitted to the UFO Casebook)

2010 Aug 6 - Bucks County PA Police Officer Reports Star-like UFO
... ...
A Bucks County Pennsylvania police officer stepped out of his patrol car August 6, 2010, at 5 a.m. after an "extremely bright light" in the sky caught his attention, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The officer, who prefers to remain anonymous due to his position, reports watching the stationary light for 30 seconds before anything happened. "The light then dimmed and began to travel south at a high rate of speed and disappeared (or my eyes couldn't focus on the dim light anymore)," the officer stated. When the object was first spotted, it appeared brighter than any other star or planet in the sky, the witness stated, "like a helicopter spot light." The entire event lasted between "30-45 seconds under mostly clear skies."

(Roger Marsh , UFO Examiner, Fri, 06 Aug 2010 16:39 CDT, sott.net/articles/show/213299-US-Bucks-County-PA-police-officer-reports-star-like-UFO)

2010 Jan 4/5 - Public & Police Report UFO Sightings
near Prairie Farm, Wisconsin

Two nights in a row last week, dispatchers at the Barron County Sheriff's Department took calls about strange lights in the skies. Although some maintain they observed a UFO, authorities are characterizing the incident as nothing unusual.

At 8:30 p.m. Jan. 4, a call came in regarding something in the sky approximately 1 mile south of Prairie Farm with flashing red, blue and green lights but no sound. After watching the lights for about 15 minutes, the object appeared to have moved very little and seemed to be hovering in the same area. Two deputies responded minutes before 9 p.m. and reported seeing something from Cty. Hwy. A. Then a third officer said that two objects could be observed. One of the officers deemed the objects to be satellites or airplanes.

Then the next night at 8:22 p.m., dispatchers received another call about the same "UFO type item" as before. Lois Johnvin of the town of Prairie Farm reported that this time the lights were situated 4 miles west and 1 mile south of Prairie Farm. The lights were described as being blue/green and white and were bouncing up and down in the sky, remaining in the same general vicinity. Within the next hour, the sheriff's department received more calls about the lights in different parts of the county. One sighting was southeast of Rice Lake of an object with red, green and white lights. Another sighting west of Cameron came from an officer. Authorities again deemed the object in the sky to be a satellite.

Johnvin said what she saw those two nights was quite large-at least the size of the moon in the sky. She said her neighbor also witnessed the lights and said they were "beautiful." The object would flash different colors, move all directions in the sky, seem to explode like fireworks, then continue to move around. The first night, she jokingly said she was too frightened to go fetch the binoculars out of her car because she didn't want to "get beamed up." The second night, she grabbed a camcorder and documented the lights, though they were farther away. Johnvin said she later asked if law enforcement wanted to see the video footage she had taken, but they didn't take her seriously and downplayed the incident as a satellite. While she doesn't totally rule out the possibility that the object was manmade, Johnvin is convinced that someone would be able to account for a satellite's whereabouts.

Barron County Sheriff's Department's patrol officer Jason Hickok, who responded to the UFO reports both nights, characterized the lights as very small in the sky and nothing out of the ordinary-most likely a satellite or an airplane. When asked what evidence brought him to that conclusion, Hickok declined to comment further.

(01/16/2010, Eric Quade, Barron News Shield, ufocasebook.com/2010/prairiefarms.html, Original source: zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=20402671&BRD=1132&PAG=461&dept_id=157660&rfi=6)